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How to clean the tongue properly?

15 September 2017

Not all of us are aware that the complex oral hygiene covers cleaning the tongue as well. Unfortunately, we often forget about this part of our mouth cavity, completely unaware that a bacterial coating, responsible for cavities and bad breath, is forming around this area. We can fight back effectively, by taking a proper care of our tongue hygiene every day. How should we clean our tongue properly?

Why should we clean our tongue?

As we already mentioned, the bacteria and food remains don’t build up on teeth only – we can also find them on our tongue. Such coating can be easily removed daily, preventing cavities, periodontal diseases and bad breath. We also shouldn’t forget that the tongue is necessary for our proper functioning – it allows us to, for example, suck, speak and swallow. We should take a regular care of it because of that. A proper cleaning of our tongue doesn’t take long, but it does have a lot of advantages.

What should we use to clean our tongue?

Cleaning your tongue is very easy. You can use one of the following:

  • toothbrush – either traditional or electric with a build-in tongue cleaning function. This part of our mouth can be gently cleaned with the bristle, as long as it’s not hard,
    an overlay for a manual toothbrush – many of the toothbrushes avaible at the stores has a special overlay on their heads used for cleaning the tongue,
  • tongue scraper – a simple and cheap tool, allows us to clean our mouth much easier. All we have to do is to apply a cleaner to the surface of our tongue and move it from back to front multiple times. Afterwards, we can do the same with the sides and the bottom,
  • special mouthwashes, pastes or gels which can be bought at dental stores. Allow us to refresh our breath for a longer period of time.

Taking care of our tongue every day is simple, but it can prevent diseases such as cavities or periodontitis. Remember that a slight white coating is completely normal, but a thick or strangely colored one should be the reason to worry and visit our doctor or dentist. A lot of coating on the tongue might be a sign of some bigger disease in our body. Cleaning our tongue regularly is the basis of a good oral hygiene.