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How to choose the right toothpaste for our electric toothbrush?

 pasta do zębów dla szczoteczki elektrycznejIn order to use the electric toothbrush properly, we need to take a proper care of it. It’s related to choosing the right type of toothpaste. We shouldn’t use the regular one, which is commonly used along with a manual toothbrush. It’s caused by the properties of the regular paste – it’s highly abrasive. Using it with an electric toothbrush might damage the enamel, which in turn leads to sensitive gums. That’s why it’s highly recommended to purchase a toothpaste made for electric toothbrushes.

The properties of the toothpaste made for electric toothbrushes

This kind of toothpaste is characterized by its low volume of abrasiveness (RDA). It’s an important information, because the electric toothbrush makes over 40.000 movements per minute. Such speed and pressure put on the tooth might lead to some damages which, while not big, might lead to visiting a dentist in the future. The toothpaste made for electric toothbrushes is avaible in two textures – a regular toothpaste or gel. The latter is the one chosen more frequently, as it’s more delicate and doesn’t leak off the toothbrush. An important difference between the regular toothpaste and the one made for electric toothbrushes is that the latter produces more foam, is easier to put on the bristles and is more effective at refreshing. In terms of pricing, the toothpaste described in this article isn’t more expensive than the regular one. It can be purchased in both Online stores and the regular ones (at the drugstores or specialized dental stores). A little bit of trivia: the electric toothbrush market develops so fast, that we can even find the chocolate or coffee-flavoured toothpastes.