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How to choose the right toothbrush?

elektryczna szczoteczkaAll electric toothbrushes have one important thing in common – they need to be plugged into the power source or have a charged battery (they work wirelessly at that time).  They do differ in the way they work and how they affect the surface of the teeth though. Finding a correct tip will take us a while, but in the end we will be able to get ourselves the best form of protection and enhanced oral cavity.
Toothbrush types
There are few types of the electric toothbrushes, which gives many different ways of brushing our teeth. We can choose the one we find the best by ourselves or consult our dentist, who, after examining our teeth, will help us make the right choice. These are some of the most popular types:

Oscilating (rotating)

these classic toothbrushes with a round head alternating between rotating left and right. They make between 7000 to 9000 movements per minute.


these modernized toothbrushes make the same movements as the oscilating ones, with the addition of the pulsating movement which pushes them against the teeth. They make between 20.000 to 40.000 movements per minute.


the head of this toothbrush is similar to the traditional one. However, unlike the said head, the sonic toothbrush uses vibrations to remove the plaque. It also covers a bigger area than the head of a rotating toothbrush. Makes between 30.000 to 42.000 movements per minute.


this type of toothbrush creates ultrasonic waves (inaudible for humans) at frequency of 1,6Mz (96 000 000 vibrations per minute), which then “destroy” bacteria chains, which makes them the best out of all toothbrushes when it comes to cleaning the periodontal pockets.
Aside of the way the tip moves, it’s worth taking a closer look at the other aspects of the electric toothbrushes, such as:

Head shape

These have different properties, such as whitening, precise cleaning or brushing the sensitive gums.

Battery power

If we like to travel often, a toothbrush with a durable/replaceable battery which can last long is a very good choice.

Shape and size

The toothbrush is a very personal item, that’s why we should choose a model the weight and shape of which will make them fit perfectly in our hand.


We don’t always need the fastest toothbrush. The speed should be determined, most importantly, by the size and and placement of our teeth. If we’ll take these advices into consideration, all of our individual needs (both physical and mental) will be met, which is the most important thing.