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How to choose the perfect toothbrush?

Bristle hardness

There are three levels of hardness when it comes to bristles of the toothbrush:


made for children and people with gum problems


adressed to all adults – the universal type


made for special instances

koncowkiThe dentists recommend the medium level, which is the most popular one, as it can brush our teeth without irritating them too much. However, the people suffering from tooth problems or having problems with strong discolorations should consult their doctor. We should remember that the toothbrush with soft bristles is very delicate, but it might leave an impression that we didn’t brush our teeth properly. The hard toothbrush on the other hand is perfect at cleaning the enamel and removing even the biggest discolorations, but because of its high abrasiveness it might damage the enamel and the areas by the roots. This kind of toothbrushes are only recommended for a short-term use.

Bristle types

Aside of the hardness levels we can also take a closer look at the types of bristle. These divide into:

cleaning fibers

they are characterized by their round shape. The individual bristles also have differing length – the shorter ones clean the the walls of the teeth, while the longer ones enter the interdental surfaces.

polishing fibers

they are made for not only cleaning our teeth, but also give them polish and smoothen the enamel. Thanks to that, the teeth are shiny and carefully cleaned of stains and bacteria.

The toothbrush should have an elongated shape, while its handle should be flexible enough. Thanks to the carefully adjusted bristles we will be able to look with satisfaction at our clean and smooth teeth.

How to brush our teeth properly?

We’ve got the correct toothbrush now, but how are we supposed to brush our teeth to be fully satisfied? All it takes is following a few simple rules:


  • Brush your teeth after every meal, but remember to wait at least 3 minutes after eating.
  • Divide your teeth into four areas and brush each of them for exactly 30 seconds.
  • Use semicircular movements in order to effectively sweep the residue and food remains away.
  • Pay attention to the pressure applied to the enamel – it cannot be too strong, as it might damage the hard tissue of the tooth.


You should also remember to replace your toothbrush every 3 months. If you’ll notice any signs of damaging, we should replace them sooner.

It’s recommended to take care of our teeth using additional ways of cleaning them. Dental floss and mouthwash enhance the enamel and help remove the stains and bacteria the toothbrush simply can’t reach.