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How to choose the heads for an electric toothbrush?

końcówki do szczoteczek elektrycznych2What would the electric toothbrush be without its tip? After all, it’s this part which is mostly responsible for correct and precise brushing of our teeth.  A choice of the correct tip isn’t that simple, as we need to analyze our own expectations and what kind of teeth do we have, as this is what the health and functionality of our mouth depend on.

Head types

The electric toothbrush market can take pride in the vast selection of various tip types, which evolved as the years went by. Every single one of them has a different function. According to the research, the tips truly have a positive effect on our oral hygiene and work as intended by their manufacturers. The most important tip types are:

  • basic tip – made for “sweeping” the dental plaque away, similarly to the regular toothbrush we all know, leaving the enamel clean and smooth.
  • the so-called whitening – it polishes the enamel and gives it additional shine, allowing us to notice the difference within the first days of usage.
  • orthodontic – a tip specially for people wearing braces. It has an empty space right in its middle, which allows us to carefully clean the archwires. This kind of head shape makes it so that the tip can last longer than the regular tip.
  • sensitive – a tip made for people with sensitive gums and gum recession. The bristle is more delicate and combined with using the special built-in program for gentle brushing, it makes oral hygiene more pleasant even for the people with the most serious conditions.

końcówki do szczoteczek elektrycznychThe ways of cleaning

After looking up various types of tips, it’s recommended to take a look at the avaible programs. Each electric toothbrush usually has at least 3 basic ones. There’s a classic program, along with gentle and massaging. It’s very important to adjust the program to the tip, which will significantly improve the quality of bushing. The sensitive tip should be combined with the gentle program, the basic one works best with classic brushing or, additionally, gum massaging, while the orthodontic tip should be combined with a program fitting the condition of our teeth. The choice isn’t hard, as it’s possible to quickly try out every single one and decide which one works best for us.

The right choice

The most important thing is choosing the right head. Each electric toothbrush is bundled with at least two of these, in most cases three. However, if we need something special, we can always find what we’re looking for in the stores. The manufacturers surely react to every new change or flaw, which causes them to develop even more modern and improved toothbrushes.