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How to choose the best mouthwash?

płyn do płukania jamy ustnejWhen deciding for a mouthwash we should take a couple things into consideration. What type do we prefer, will we be the only users of it, or will it be the whole family and what taste and intensity are we looking for. After finding the answer, we will surely find the mouthwash perfect for us.

Taste and smell

There are many different mouthwash types. Every company offers different benefits coming from using their products, so which one should we choose? It’s worth taking a closer look at the ingredients. The mouthwashes can also be chosen depending on their taste. We should also remember that lighter mouthwashes are recommended for children. We can choose from specialized, light and intense products. There are also recently introduced fruit-flavoured mouthwashes. These aren’t recommended for the adults though, who should be using mouthwashes with stronger taste and effect. That’s why buying a separate, lighter mouthwash for a child is such a good idea.

płyn do płukania ustThe power of alcohol

Another important topic is the amount of alcohol contained in the mouthwash. We obviously shouldn’t buy the ones containing this substance for our children, as that would be dangerous. The child could’ve swallowed the mouthwash by mistake, leading to stomach aches and vomitting. Luckily, we can find the liquids without any alcohol in them. These can also be used by the adults, mostly people with senstitivities or gum ailments. The delicate liquid removes bacteria without irritating the teeth. People without any significant problems with their gums can freely use the mouthwashes with alcohol. This will allow them to completely refresh their oral cavities and get rid of all bacteria.

The correct use

We should remember to not use this liquid too often. The best way to use it is twice a day, preferrably in the morning and in the evening after our daily brushing. We should keep the mouthwash in our mouths for at least 30 seconds. The perfect amount is 20 ml (4 spoons). Getting used to the intensity of the liquid might take some time, but after using it a few more times we will be able to fully enjoy its refreshing power. However, if the product still won’t be comfortable to us after a week, we can always buy a mouthwash without alcohol or a lighter one, with less mint. There are many types of mouthwashes and most people will be able to find a perfect one for them without any problems. That’s why it’s definitely worth checking the list of the avaible products out and, in case of any doubts, consult the choice with our dentist.