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How 5 year olds should take care of their teeth?

chłopiec myje zębyThe parents should remember that the most important thing is teaching our child to brush their teeth in the morning and in the evening. We shouldn’t make them brush their teeth as punishment, thinking of some sort of game connected to brushing. Five year olds can already attempt to brush their teeth on their own, but they should still remain under control of one adult.

It’s important to take a closer look at a few things before learning how to brush our teeth.

The perfect toothbrush

While purchasing a toothbrush for our child, we should take a few things into consideration. First, it should be made for children at the age of our child. This will ensure that the toothbrush will be safe and made out of the correct materials. It doesn’t matter if we’ll decide to buy a manual or electric toothbrush. The latter is more expensive, but also more effective at cleaning and similar in use to the manual one. The chosen product can be colorful, decorated with shapes or cartoon characters. There are also toothbrushes capable of playing different melodies avaible on the market. All of these extras might seem pointless to us, but they will definitely be encouraging for a child, making them want to brush their teeth often and eagerly.

szczoteczki dla dzieciAside of the colorful extras we can also check out the additional functions of each toothbrush, as buying the one capable of cleaning not only teeth, but cheeks and tongue as well is recommended. However, this kind of brushing should be done under adult’s supervision.

It’s worth remembering that each toothbrush (or head tip) should be replaced every month, two months at most. After this time, the bristles become too soft and might be less effective at brushing.

Additional oral hygiene

Buying a toothbrush with additional cleaning modes is a great idea as well – especially if it can clean cheeks and tongue. We can also add flossing and mouthwashes to the daily brushing as well. On the market we can find children’s mouthwashes (they are fruit-flavored and don’t contain alcohol). Using a dental floss can be done as early as after the eruption of the first permanent molar. This will allow us to teach our child the correct cleaning technique  – the child will train in the interdental surface between their sixth tooth and the last milk tooth.

A correctly prepared five year old will eagerly await his next tooth brushing. That’s why teaching our children to take a good care of their teeth is so important for their health in the future.