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Everything about teeth – facts and myths

3 October 2017

Knowledge about good oral hygiene is still being popularized. Despite of that, many people still believe in myths repeated for years, unable to distinguish them from absolute facts. Can cavities cause sepsis? Is drinking milk really that good for our teeth? These and other questions will be answered in this article.

FACT – cavities are contagious

Cavities are a disease we can catch easily. Kissing, eating using the same spoon, using one toothbrush together – these are the simplest methods of contamination. It’s very important to follow the basic hygienical rules, especially in close contact with a child, in order to protec ttheir teeth from cavities.

MYTH – cavities are always fully visible to the naked eye

In its early stages, cavity isn’t visible. It develops in hard to reach places and can be seen only by the dentist, using a special equipment. If we can see the change with the naked eye, it means that the cavity has reached its later stages already.

FACT – cavities might lead to various diseases

There are many ailments which, despite of having nothing to do with teeth, is caused by cavities. When left untreated, the cavity might cause diabetes, atherosclerosis, cancer, upper respiratory tract inflammations, heart/kidney problems, aching joints and even sepsis.

MYTH – Cola melts our teeth

Drinking Cola might damage the enamel. The acids contained withi this drink make it softer, which, combined with other factors, might cause permanent erosion. That’s why brushing our teeth after drinking Cola is so important, but only after at least 30 minutes have passed – in this time, the enamel will manage to regenerate. Always drink Cola through the straw.

FACT – the dental floss cleans better than the toothbrushes

Dental floss cleans the interdental surfaces much better than a regular toothbrush. Within these surfaces, the floss removes up to 90% of residue, whih is important as cavities commonly start forming in this area as well. That’s why we should floss our teeth every day.

FACT – dairy enhances our teeth

Because of the high calcium, protein and vitamin D content, the dairy enhances the structure of our teeth. That’s why you shouldn’t avoid milk, yoghurts and buttermilk.

MYTH – not brushing our teeth once won’t cause us any harm

We should brush our teeth at least twice a day. Breaking out of this routine has negative effects on our teeth and might lead to cavities! The dental plaque starts to build up o our teeth after 4 – 12 hours since our last brushing. With time, it hardens and turns into tartar, which is impossible to remove at home. Its appearance pretty much dooms our teeth if it’s left untreated – it may cause cavities, senstitivity and periodontitis.

MYTH – a dentist visit has to be painful

A dentist appointment is always a little uncomfortable – we don’t think everybody likes to sit for a long time with their mouth wide open. It doesn’t have to be painful though. The progress made by dentistry allows us to use anesthesia during every treatment. That’s why there’s no reason to postpone the next dentist visit.

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