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WhiteWash SW2000

WhiteWash SW2000

WhiteWash SW2000 is a hi-tech and very nice looking device, designed according to the newest technological achievements and targeted at many different types of users. This electric toothbrush combines all of the most important expectations regarding brushing for a relatively affordable price. While looking for a new equipment for our oral hygiene, this model is definitely worth giving it a shot.

First impressions

WhiteWash SW2000

The effects of the WhiteWash toothbrush are above all expectations. The newest solutions related to tooth brushing, such as the specially designed bristles or additional functions allowing for a full protection of both teeth and gums are the main reason for the user’s full satisfaction from owning this device. Using the sonic toothbrush of this type will not only allow us to remove dental plaque, but also reduce the levels of its buildup in future, while also restoring the natural white color of our teeth. The gums will be strong, the breath – refreshed. The manufacturer didn’t forget about the people with sensitive gums either – a rubber overlay for the toothbrush’s head, designed specially to protect the enamel from damaging, is also included in the kit.


WhiteWash SW2000 was designed in order to fit the interior of every bathroom. The hi-tech and perfectly refined design enchains attention easily. Without a doubt, many users will find the white, smooth handle with silver accents appealing. Thanks to the base, which also serves as the charging station for the device, SW2000 won’t take up much space and will be able to accompany us even during trips.


  • 1 Toothbrush (handle)
  • 3 Replaceable heads
  • 1 Charger
  • Multi-language instruction manual



The toothbrush has been outfitted with many functions, both standard and additional. Not only do they make proper brushing easier, but allow for a better care of the appearance and health of our oral cavity. A built-in Smartimer turns the device off automatically after two minutes have passed, while the so-called Quadpacer informs us about needing to move onto the next area of our mouth every 30 seconds in order to ensure equal amount of brushing for all of our teeth. The toothbrush has a battery level display, with the said battery being capable of working even 10 days. Thanks to the advanced technology behind it, three cleaning modes have been prepared:

Clean – basic cleaning mode

Massage – a mode for massaging and gum stimulation

– Sensitive – a mode specially for sensitive teeth

The manufacturers came up with a new bristle type used in the heads of these toothbrushes. It’s called a two-level bristle design. It allows us to reach even the furthest and hardest to reach places in our mouth and get rid of residue or dental plaque.


  • First impressions - 90%
  • Design - 92%
  • Contents - 93%
  • Performance - 91%
  • Price - quality - 96%


For a reasonable price, we can become the owners of one of the most interesting and best equipped toothbrushes on the market. It’s pleasant in touch and effective in use. It can be adjusted to the individual needs of its owner, while also ensuring a comfortable cleaning process. WhiteWash SW2000 places itself high in every ranking.

92.4 %
Manufacturer: WhiteWash
Type of toothbrush: Sonic