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WhiteWash Rotating Power PRT1000

WhiteWash Rotating Power PRT1000

The rotating (oscillating) toothbrush, capable of making 8800 movements per minute. Characterized by its precise of brushing and the options allowing us to whiten our teeth and massage our gums. This interestingly designed, sturdy device offers 2 cleaning modes and 5 replaceable tips ensuring complex brushing. All of that for a very good price.

The functions of WhiteWash Rotating Power PRT1000 toothbrush


WhiteWash Rotating Power PRT1000The DuPont head is characterized by its specialized bristles, which are capable of providing the highest brushing quality, along with cleaning the places hardest to reach.


 2 cleaning modes, which are clean (classic cleaning of our mouth cavity) and sensitive (made for sensitive teeth and gums).


 Smartimer is a timepiece which counts down from 2 minutes and then turns the toothbrush off automatically.


Quadpacer divides our mouth into 4 parts while brushing and then, via 30 second intervals, reminds us to brush another part of our mouth to ensure that we spend 30 seconds on every single one of these parts.


 Display on the handle shows us how much battery power is left. 



  • WhiteWash Rotating Power PRT1000 toothbrush
  • 5 replaceable heads
  • A charger equipped with a stabilizing system


  • First impressions - 75%
  • Design - 78%
  • Contents - 76%
  • Performance - 74%
  • Price - Quality - 72%
75 %
Manufacturer: WhiteWash
Type of toothbrush: Electric