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Philips Sonicare Easy Clean

Philips Sonicare Easy Clean

Philips Sonicare EasyClean is one of the cheapest Sonicare products. Its low price doesn’t reflect the brushing quality in any way, as we get the same, complete technology already present in the more advanced and expensive Philips models. The EasyClean toothbrush offers one, standard, cleaning mode, which also happens to be the most popular one, so you won’t end up paying extra for any additional, fancy settings, gum massage or the option to control your toothbrush via phone app. Moreover, the kit contains 3 brush heads, inductive charger and a practical vanity case used for safe transportation of the device and its replaceable heads. The EasyClean sonic toothbrush is based around the new Dynamic Fluid Action technology: it combines very fast movements of bristles along with a wide sweeping motion. This innovatory solution makes brushing more effective and faster.

First impressions

Philips Sonicare EasyClean is distinguished by its slender, very handy casing. The toothbrush feels very comfortable when we’re holding it, while the production value of all of its elements is very high and doesn’t deviate from the usual Sonicare standards present in their most pricy models. It’s one of the few devices so eagerly recommended by the dentists and specialists. Thanks to its hi-tech technology, it’s perfect for the daily brushing, cleaning various types of braces and removing discolorations, biofilm and dental plaque. A simple power button doesn’t make the toothbrush move at the top speed, but rather gradually accelerates every few seconds, making it easier to get used to the change of pace.


A classic sonic toothbrush from the Sonicare brand covered in shiny white color, with its distinguishable green power button in the middle of the handle. The handle itself is ergonomic and completely waterproof, which allows us to clean our teeth without any problems even while taking a bath. The casing is in perfect shape, which makes the toothbrush comfortable in use, plus it won’t slip out of our hand. Thanks to the rows of bumps in the back of the device, holding it becomes even more stable.


  • Sonicare Philips EasyClean handle
  • 2 Philips ProResults Standard heads
  • 1 Philips ProResults Mini head
  • vanity case
  • stationary inductive charger


If you’re looking for a sonic toothbrush ensuring truly professional brushing quality, then Philips Sonicare is one of the best brands to choose from. These products are known for their precision and intense action. In fact, they are so intense, that Sonicare EasyClean has the “Easy-start” function, allowing us to gradually increase the power of brushing over the course of 14 days. We can, of course, turn it off if we don’t need it anymore.

There’s one standard cleaning mode available at our disposal, ensuring 31.000 sweeping movements per minute. By comparison, a regular manual toothbrush is capable of making around 60 movements per minute, while the ordinary electric toothbrush makes 8000 movements. Aside of the DFA function, the toothbrush also has an additional way to deal with the bacteria lingering in our mouth. It sends out soundwaves which break apart the bacteria responsible for the forming of cavities. In other words, fighting for the perfect appearance of our teeth doesn’t boil down to removing the plaque only. In addition to these modernizations, the toothbrush is also outfitted with a built-in timer, which counts down from 2 minutes as we brush our teeth, with 30 second intervals informing us about moving on to another part of our mouth. The battery is far more durable than the ones installed in the other models from this price range, being able to last 14 days without the need to recharge. The toothbrush is easy to use and fully compatible with all Philips Sonicare heads.


  • First impressions - 87%
  • Design - 88%
  • Contents - 87%
  • Performance - 89%
  • Price - Quality - 95%


If you're looking for a relatively cheap sonic toothbrush and don't care about unnecessary settings or extras, this model is perfect for you. Aside of its price, the set contains 3 brush heads and a nice looking vanity case to store the toothbrush in. Thanks to Sonicare Easy Clean, we will be able to deal with such problems as cavities or discolorations fast. The toothbrush will not only help our teeth get in proper shape, but it will also help maintain the said shape for a longer time. Thanks to its durable battery, the device is perfect for the trips. The people who value functionality and products easy to use will definitely appreciate this model.

89.2 %
Manufacturer: Philips Sonicare
Type of toothbrush: Sonic