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Smilesonic PerfectClean

Smilesonic PerfectClean

Smilesonic PerfectClean offers everything that can be seen as most important from user’s perspective, for example: high efficiency of brushing in different cleaning modes, sturdy execution and durability, the kit rich in content (hard case!), attractive, hi-tech design and a reasonable price. When it comes to the other manufacturers, a lower price equals less options and extras, while chart-topping toothbrushes cost a ton of money. The Smilesonic toothbrush costs approximately half the price of the most expensive models and is available in two colors (white and black). The device offers 5 cleaning modes, while the battery lasts more than 3 weeks without charging. In the set, aside of the toothbrush itself, we can also find two replaceable heads, a handy charger and a hard, plastic travel case.

First impressions

The whole set is very solid. Both the Smilesonic PerfectClean and all of the extras are made out of high-end materials and detailed with precision. Each element is nicely adjusted to the rest and works with no problems whatsoever. The overall structure is solid, waterproof and capable of bravely enduring the daily usage in harsh conditions. The handy charger, not that much bigger than the base of the toothbrush itself, takes up very little space in the bathroom.

In the Smilesonic PerfectClean kit we will find the handle of the toothbrush, handy inductive charger (plugged into the regular electric socket), 2 replaceable heads and travel case. The case is made out of hard plastic, which allows it to safely store the toothbrush and its heads within its interior, protecting them from getting damaged while on a trip.


Smilesonic PerfectClean is available in white and black color variations. Both versions look really good and are very well designed. Everything’s where it should be, while the toothbrush itself is light, pleasant in touch and easy to grasp. There’s no need to make any unnecessary movements while wondering how does it work, exactly.

On the central control panel we can find the switch used for both turning the device on and off and also for changing the cleaning mode. All of the available options are visualized on the screen and highlighted when selected. In other words, using the device is intuitive and easy. Even the people who never used an electric toothbrush before will figure things out without any problems.


  • Smilesonic PerfectClean toothbrush (handle)
  • Inductive charger
  • Two replaceable heads
  • Hard travel case
  • Instruction manual


The Smilesonic toothbrush utilizes sonic technology, a newer and more effective method of removing bacteria, dental plaque and residue. The device reaches 31.000 motions per minute, while the replaceable heads compatible with it are available in three versions, each with a different bristle hardness. The heads work very well during daily brushing and allow for an effective cleaning of interdental surfaces and periodontal pockets.

Smilesonic PerfectClean offers 5 cleaning modes:

Clean – standard, 2-minute long cleaning mode, made for daily oral hygiene.

Sensitive – gentle cleaning of sensitive spaces, teeth and gums.

Massage – a mix of regular tooth brushing of the entire oral cavity and a gentle massage of the gum line.

White – whitening mode, allowing us to remove the discolorations and smudges.

Polish – polishing mode, makes the teeth smoother and shinier.

Smilesonic PerfectClean is outfitted with two useful systems of controlling our brushing time. After the recommended time has passed, the device turns itself off automatically. The toothbrush will also remind us every 30 seconds (via delicate vibrations) that we can start cleaning another part of our mouth – we divide our teeth into four sectors, with every single one of them requiring the same amount of attention.

The Smilesonic toothbrush is powered by a durable lithium-ion battery capable of over 3 weeks of usage without the need to recharge. On the casing we can find the battery level display. The charging itself is simple, fast and comfortable.


  • First impressions - 96%
  • Design - 96%
  • Contents - 97%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Price - quality - 98%

The pronounced leader

The Smilesonic toothbrush owes its high price to the fact that it can flawlessly meet the expectations of most of the users. PerfectClean is a perfect, universal option, which mixes impressive usability with appealing design. A huge advantage of this set is its rich content and high production quality. Everything for a reasonable price, which is fully reflecting the quality of both the kit and oral hygiene it provides.

96.8 %
Manufacturer: Smilesonic
Type of toothbrush: Sonic