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Seysso Professional

Seysso Professional

The sonic toothbrush with expansive whitening options which, thanks to the perfectly utilized sonic technology, removes 100% of residue and kills all bacteria. Seysso disinfects our teeth and restores the natural color of the enamel. It’s worth noticing the solid structure and competitive price, which fully reflects the capabilities of this device.

First impressions

seysso2The Seysso toothbrush is a very pleasant device.  The design is very hi-tech and elegant. The choice of colors and materials makes it very pleasing to the eye. However, Seysso isn’t just a pretty toothbrush, it’s also a very well designed device. It contains specially designed tips, a 2-minute timer (informing us how long are we brushing our teeth) and, most importantly, a very durable battery, which can last even 6 weeks without recharging. It’s one of the most durable toothbrushes on the market.


This elegant toothbrush is made out of top-notch materials. The color scheme is black with white accents. The handle is made out of the anti-slip material, increasing the comfort of brushing. The silhouette of the toothbrush is kept in a smooth, easy to hold shape. The accessories are just as interesting as the toothbrush itself – the set contains two chargers: the first one is a classic charger with two charging ports, the second is a magnetic protective case which allows us to connect it to the laptop via the USB cable and charge the device.


  • 1 Seysso toothbrush handle
  • 1 charger with two slots for the replaceable heads
  • 2 replaceable heads
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 magnetic protective case
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty


seysso3Seysso has 3 built-in cleaning modes:

– Clean – basic mode, the head makes 31.000 movements per minute

– Soft – gentle mode, the head makes 41.000 movements per minute (this mode is recommended for the people with delicate, sometimes bleeding gums, along with the elderly and children)

– Whitening – whitening mode, the head makes 48.000 movements per minute.

Aside of the very durable battery, the toothbrush is characterized by one of the fastest movement speeds available on the market. Seysso utilizes the Dynamic Cleaning Technology, which means that the head makes sweeping movements of a very high frequency. The so-called microbubbles are created while brushing, which then move into the farthest and most difficult to reach places and interdental surfaces.


  • First impressions - 90%
  • Design - 91%
  • Contents - 93%
  • Performance - 92%
  • Price - Quality - 94%

Definitely recommended

Seysso Professional is the perfect choice, mostly thanks to the high production values and a solid price. The model shown here is a perfect combination of style and practicality. It works great as a family product, being suitable for both the children and elderly. Different cleaning modes and soft tips will effectively remove all residue, while also taking care of the health of our teeth. All of that for 89 pounds, making it a set full of things offered by the competition, but for a lower price and the same quality.

92 %
Manufacturer: SEYSSO
Type of toothbrush: Sonic