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The O-Sonic toothbrush is the first model from the newest series by Seysso Oxygen and also one of the fastest models available on the market (even up to 96.000 pulsations per minute!). Very solid, for a debut and a new opening. The device will meet the users’ needs without any problems, offering a very satisfying and high quality of its design, along with varied cleaning modes available for a pretty reasonable price. There are 3 advanced cleaning modes available at our disposal, differing from one another in brushing speed, along with every single standard convenience such as the intelligent timer or battery power display. All of that translates into a comfort in use, along with effective and expedient tooth brushing.

First impressions


As expected from this line and the price itself, the quality of the toothbrush and its components is very high. Solid housing, precise detail work and durable materials all mean the same in every case – very high resistance to the hardships of daily usage. In this aspect, the toothbrush reviewed here surpasses its similarly priced competition easily. It’s worth mentioning the main control panel as well, with its great, backlit design and comfortable use. In the set we can find the basic extras and 2 types of heads (standard and made for gentle cleaning).


Seysso Oxygen O-Sonic looks hi-tech, while the entire structure is handy and ensures comfort in use. Changing cleaning modes and heads is intuitive and easy. By comparison to the previous models from this manufacturer, we can easily call it revolutionary in terms of design. The makers have decided to depart from the usual color of black, dominating the color schemes of the previous devices, and go for the more trendy white and silver look. Definitely a change for the better.


  • Toothbrush (handle)
  • Replaceable head (Sensitive)
  • Replaceable head (Oxygen Clean)
  • Charger
  • Protective overlay for the head of the brush
  • Protective case



Seysso Oxygen O-Sonic is a model utilizing the sonic technology and, according to the manufacturer, capable of reaching even 96.000 movements per minute (in Whitening Mode). The device is great at removing residue and is gentle to teeth and gums.

3 cleaning modes can be used:

Clean –  classic tooth brushing (82000 movements).

Whitening – the mode suited for restoring the original color of our teeth and removing discolorations (96000 movements).

Soft – the mode specially for people with sensitive teeth and gums – gentle brushing (62000 movements).

The toothbrush is waterproof and has the standard time control systems which measure the actual brushing time (2-minute timer and a reminder on moving to another part of our mouth every 30 seconds). The battery, once fully charged, can work for 60 days (when used twice a day, 2 minutes per use). On the housing we can find the display of its power level.


  • First impressions - 92%
  • Design - 92%
  • Contents - 90%
  • Performance - 93%
  • Price - quality - 93%

Definitely recommended

Seysso Oxygen O-Sonic is a successful opening of the new line of products. A sonic toothbrush which challenges the best models available on the market. O-Sonic is characterized by its interesting design, while also ensuring a high quality of tooth brushing. A practical and comfortable model, which proves that sonic industry and technology are still developing. We’re eagerly awaiting the new products from this line.

92 %
Manufacturer: SEYSSO
Type of toothbrush: Sonic