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Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite

Philips produces many variants of the Sonicare electric toothbrushes. Keep in mind though, that the word “Sonicare” alone refers to the patented technology used by the sonic toothbrushes of this company. HealthyWhite is one of the most popular and also most interesting, offers of this brand, distinguished by its attractive price and a high quality of production and brushing. The toothbrush ensures 3 different cleaning modes and is offered as a part of the set consisting of a durable plastic travel case and a practical charger which can store up to 2 heads.

First impressions

Philips Sonicare HealthyWhitePhilips Sonicare HealthyWhite is available in different packaging variants, which aren’t all that different from one another in terms of content. Inside of the packaging we can find a handle, one replaceable head, a handy charger which can also store up to two tips and a protective case made out of hard plastic for transporting the device. The toothbrush is offered in a bright blue color scheme. The whole thing looks really nice and is practical in use. The front panel of the handle is made out of a shiny material, while the rounded structure ensures a firm grip. The device allows us to use it freely even if our hands are wet. Near the top of the handle we can find a power button, which can also be used for switching cleaning modes. The production values of the individual components and the quality of the materials used are both very high, which is already a trademark of  all of the toothbrushes made by Philips.


HealthyWhite is a toothbrush characterized by its classic design, while its color fits the device perfectly and makes it easier for the toothbrush to fit every bathroom. We won’t find any oddities or overly extravagant solutions – everything’s on its place. The casing is made out of a solid plastic, resistant to the hardships of everyday use. The structure is light and intuitive in use.


  • Sonicare HealthyWhite toothbrush handle
  • ProResults Standard head
  • charger
  • plastic travel case


Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite

As mentioned above, the electric toothbrushes from the Sonicare line utilize the patented sonic technology, characterized by a high brushing effectivity – the device ensures 31.000 movements per minute. For those who find getting used to the new way of brushing hard, Philips has prepared the EasyStart option. It allows us to gradually get used to the increasing speed of the device, over the course of 14 days.

The HealthyWhite toothbrush is equipped with 3 cleaning modes. The first mode – Clean, is a standard 2-minute brushing reaching 31.000 vibrations per minute. The second mode is Sensitive, made specially for gentle brushing of sensitive spaces. The third mode is Clean and White, which ensures 2 minutes of traditional brushing and 30 seconds of tooth whitening.

The toothbrush is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, with the longevity of the battery being 3 weeks after one full charge. It’s a pretty solid result within this price range. Like usual, we will also find the two built-in options allowing us to measure our brushing time – Smartimer and Quadpacer. The former is an automatic 2-minute timer which helps us stick to the dentists’ recommendation by brushing our teeth for 2 minutes. The latter is a timepiece which reminds us to move to another part of our mouth every 30 seconds.


  • First impressions - 94%
  • Design - 95%
  • Contents - 96%
  • Performance - 97%
  • Price - Quality - 98%

A model worth recommending

Without a single doubt, Philips HealthyWhite is one of the best Sonicare products available on the market. Its effectivity and comfort of use are comparable to many more expensive and advanced models. Because of the very competitive price, it's one of the highest rated and most popular toothbrushes amongst the users. Every person who has a quite small budget can enjoy the effective brushing, along with all of the advantages of a sonic brushing. Admittedly, the only disadvantage of the product is the lack of a pressure sensor.

96 %
Manufacturer: Philips Sonicare
Type of toothbrush: Sonic