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Philips Sonicare Clean Care Plus

Philips Sonicare Clean Care Plus

Is it possible to find a solid sonic toothbrush for the price of the regular rotating toothbrush (20-30 pounds)? The one which works well when it comes to the everyday, classic brushing? As it turns out, yes, made by Philips Sonicare (the brand known for its high class devices made for oral hygiene) on top of that.

The Clean Care Plus set is a perfect solution for those in need of effective, simple and reliable device for maintaining good oral hygiene. Philips prepared the set containing a complete toothbrush offering a single cleaning mode and a charger. Doesn’t seem like much, but the whole set costs only 30 pounds or so.

The set doesn’t contain any fancy extras or other cleaning modes. Keep in mind though, that within this price range we can only find the slower rotating toothbrushes or sonic toothbrushes made by the less known, sometimes questionable, brands, if we’re aiming for the most expensive options.

First impressions

All of the Sonicare products show the company’s emphasis on the production values. Philips Sonicare Clean Care Plus continues this tradition, ensuring that the user will feel the real satisfaction after each use. The casing is very solid, with comfortable and intuitive button placement.

The structure of the handle resembles the other, more expensive, Sonicare models. Clean Care Plus is much cheaper than the other products from this line (even for dozens of pounds). The handle doesn’t reflect that though, being very sturdy and cool-looking. A low price is mostly caused by the small size of the overall set – we only get a toothbrush and a charger. The technology and replaceable heads are top-notch (the latter are the same for all Sonicare models).


Sonicare Clean Care Plus is visibly distinguished by its appearance, when compared to the other models and series made by Philips. The handle is a little thicker, but the toothbrush itself is comfortable to hold. The device is offered in a white color with blue accents. On the handle we can find only one button for turning the toothbrush on and off, along with the battery power display. This makes using the device incredibly easy.


  • Sonicare handle
  • ProResults Standard head
  • charger
  • hygienical travel protective cap


Philips Sonicare Clean Care Plus offers one mode allowing for the classic brushing. The device utilizes the sonic technology, which allows it to make 31.000 movements per minute. The toothbrush is perfect for the regular brushing two times a day. We also get two functions available on our disposal, known from the more expensive Philips products.

The first function is the inclusion of two timers: a 30-second interval which helps us divide our teeth into 4 parts and a 2 minute one, which helps us brush our teeth for the recommended amount of time.

The second useful option is a special EasyStart function, which allows us to activate the mode which gradually increases the power of the toothbrush in order to help us get used to it. This mode can be switched off.


  • First impressions - 80%
  • Design - 82%
  • Contents - 81%
  • Performance - 83%
  • Price - Quality - 90%

A high quality for reasonable price

Philips Sonicare Clean Care Plus is a product aimed at the people looking for high standards of brushing and production of their toothbrush for a low price. Contrary to what we might think, we can combine the two, but we'll also end up sacrificing the additional cleaning modes and some of the gadgets added to the set. A perfect offer for those wanting to get introduced to the sonic technology for a reasonable price.

83.2 %
Manufacturer: Philips Sonicare
Type of toothbrush: Sonic