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Panasonic EW-DL82-W

Panasonic EW-DL82-W

The Panasonic EW-DL82-W sonic toothbrush whitens, massages and cleans the teeth. The newest technology visibly takes care of even the most problematic teeth. It’s perfect not only for whitening, but it can also be used for cleaning the tongue or inside part of the cheeks.

Functions of the Panasonic EW-DL82-W toothbrush


Panasonic EW-DL82-WThe special brush head in the shape of diamond works really well with removing even the strongest discolorations and residue. The perfectly contoured, diamond-shaped head and bristles, along with extraordinary speed (31.000 movements per minute) make it superior to most of the toothbrushes available on the market.


2 cleaning modes, which are Soft (gentle cleaning of sensitive teeth combined with gum massage) and White (whitening the enamel by the precise removal of tartar and discolorations).


Quadpacer allows us to control the quality of brushing. The toothbrush vibrates gently every 30 seconds, reminding us to move on to another part of our mouth.


Durable battery – once fully charged, it works for 25 days. This gives us 90 minutes of non-stop brushing. This makes it perfect even for the longest trips.



  • Panasonic EW-DL82-W toothbrush
  • Replaceable head
  • Charger
  • Travel case


  • First impressions - 81%
  • Design - 79%
  • Contents - 78%
  • Performance - 83%
  • Price - Quality - 85%
81.2 %
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Type of toothbrush: Sonic