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Panasonic DentaCare Blue/Pink

Panasonic DentaCare Blue/Pink

The toothbrush for those who prioritize convenience and comfort over anything else. Panasonic DentaCare Blue/Pink doesn’t offer too many options, but it still does a good job at the basic brushing, plus it looks nice. The set contains two extra heads, with the whole thing being relatively cheap. Should be enough for those who are just starting to use the electric toothbrushes.

Functions of the Panasonic DentaCare Blue/Pink toothbrush


Panasonic DentaCare PinkPressure sensor will automatically reduce the rotation speed of the toothbrush if you’ll apply too much force to your teeth while brushing.


Charger + place for storing 2 brush heads is a combination which will allow us to safely store the device and save up some free space in our bathroom.


A durable battery allows the device to work for 10 days without the need to recharge it (two brushings per day). The special display will inform us about the current battery level.



  • Panasonic DentaCare Blue toothbrush
  • 2 brush heads
  • Charger


  • First impressions - 78%
  • Design - 77%
  • Contents - 76%
  • Performance - 79%
  • Price - Quality - 81%
78.2 %
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Type of toothbrush: Electric