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Oral-B Vitality 3D White Luxe

Oral-B Vitality 3D White Luxe

The Oral-B Vitality 3D White Luxe electric toothbrush makes 7600 movements per minute. Thanks to its advanced bristle creation technology, the device removes far more residue than the average toothbrush, while also protecting the enamel from damages and whitening it.

 The functions of Oral-B Vitality 3D White Luxe toothbrush


Oral-B Vitality 3D White LuxeThe 3D White head, thanks to its carefully contoured bristles, is able to reach even the farthest places within our mouth, gently brushing the surface of our teeth.


Smartimer is a 2–minute time indicator. After the specified time will pass, the device powers itself down automatically.


Precision Clean System is a built-in function which, thanks to the special tip, removes all residue from our teeth.


Replacement indicator informs us about the state of the bristles. Thanks to that, we will be always sure when to replace our brush head.


A durable battery allows us to use the device for 5 days (as long as we’re sticking to the regular brushing, twice a day, 2 minutes per use).



  • Oral-B Vitality 3D White Luxe toothbrush
  • 3D White brushing head
  • A vertical charger


  • First impressions - 70%
  • Design - 71%
  • Contents - 71%
  • Performance - 70%
  • Price - Quality - 78%
72 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric