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Oral-B Trizone 3000

Oral-B Trizone 3000

This device is perfect as the very first toothbrush. The reason behind that is the way it’s designed – it imitates the design and function of the regular, manual toothbrush. Despite of the similar way of brushing our teeth, it still removes more bacteria than its manual counterpart. This hi-tech device removes up to 100% more dental plaque even while working in delicate cleaning mode.

First impressions

trizone3000-2The way this Braun toothbrush works is quite pleasing. It has interesting improvements, which many people should enjoy. One of the more important ones is the specially made bristle, situated on the brush head – they have a very eye-catching color, but they become increasingly more bland as the weeks pass – when the color becomes very bright (usually after around 3 months), it’s a sign that we should replace the tip with a new one, in order to not sacrifice the efficiency.


Oral-B Trizone 3000 is a smooth, turquoise toothbrush with an intuitive and simple to use system. It removes the bacteria not only from the surface of the tooth, but also the interdental surfaces. It’s also equipped with an anti-slip system – the handle is waterproof, which prevents it from falling out of our grasp or getting out of control. The toothbrush, like most of the Braun products, is universal, which means that we don’t have to buy the tips made specially for this set. If a tip from a different set gets our attention, we can mount it easily – it will surely fit.


  • Battery-powered electric toothbrush
  • Charger with a built-in container for storing replaceable heads
  • 3 replaceable tips
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty


trizone3000-3Trizone 3000 is characterized by the newest technology known as Triple Zone, which means that the bristle has been created specially for the cleaning functions – they reach the rear, hard to reach areas within our mouth cavity, we can also choose from the shorter and longer fibers. The former carefully clean the surface of the tooth, while the latter, sweeping, enter the interdental surfaces. The toothbrush has also been outfitted with two additional cleaning modes: gentle and whitening, along with a pressure sensor.


  • First impressions - 78%
  • Design - 75%
  • Contents - 79%
  • Performance - 78%
  • Price - Quality - 80%


For the price of 60 pounds we can get a set containing a toothbrush, a few tips and a charger. Thanks to the specially designed head and the way it works, the toothbrush is perfect for both the adults and children. Battery power display and the ergonomic, waterproof handle make brushing easier and ensure the maximum comfort and safety. Efficiency and frugality in one.

78 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric