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Oral-B Professional Care Black/White 7000

Oral-B Professional Care Black/White 7000

A stylish sonic toothbrush, combining a considered design with above average properties. It’s worth mentioning that the product is available with a set consisting of a few heads and lots of very useful extras. The advanced cleaning system for the most demanding users. All of that shows, however, that it’s an offer mostly for the more advanced users with more money to spend. We can find other more interesting alternatives to this set.

Functions of the Oral-B Professional Care Black 7000 toothbrush


Oral-B Professional Care Black 70006 cleaning modes – we can use the following functions: Daily Clean (classic brushing), Deep Clean (longer brushing), Whitening,  Sensitive (gentle brushing), Massage (gum massage) and Tongue Cleaning.


Pressure sensor allows us to control the brushing intensity, preventing us from applying the toothbrush to our teeth too hard.


Quadpacer and Smartimer allow us to monitor our brushing time, along with making sure that we’ll clean the entirety of our mouth correctly (2 minutes of brushing, 30 seconds for each of the 4 parts of our mouth).


Smart Guide timepiece showing the brushing time in two variants.


A durable battery ensuring nearly 10 days of brushing without the need to recharge (provided that we’ll only brush our teeth twice a day, 2 minutes per brushing). The toothbrush has also been outfitted with a battery level display.



  • Oral-B Professional Care Black 7000 toothbrush
  • 2 CrossAction heads
  • Sensitive head
  • ProWhite head
  • container for 4 replaceable heads
  • FlossAction head
  • a charger with a built-in head holder and a bag
  • travel case
  • Smart Guide timepiece


  • First impressions - 79%
  • Design - 83%
  • Contents - 83%
  • Performance - 81%
  • Price - Quality - 85%
82.2 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric