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Oral-B Professional Care 3000

Oral-B Professional Care 3000

This toothbrush made by the Braun company is a combination of efficiency and low price. Created under the supervision of the qualified specialists, it not only cleans, but also whitens our teeth. The manufacturers assembled a set consisting of the main device, additional parts and a DVD with in-depth instructions regarding how to brush our teeth correctly, along with detailing every brush head included in the set.

First impressions

professional-care3000-2The Oral-B electric toothbrush reviewed here doesn’t stand out in any way when compared to the other devices. It’s well made and very efficient. The owner doesn’t have to worry about compatibility of the parts and heads, as, thanks to its universal structure, the toothbrush is compatible with all parts manufactured by Braun. It’s also worth mentioning the fact that the economical battery of this device can last even 7 days without charging (as long as we’re only using the toothbrush twice a day).


Professional Care 3000 is a line of products which is supposed to provide the user with as many functions as possible for a relatively low price. The manufacturers didn’t forget about the design either, as both the packaging and the toothbrush itself are in the classic dark blue color with white elements. The heads are distinguished only by their shape, allowing them to remove various types of residue. Thanks to the container for storing the heads in, we can keep all of them in a sterile and safe place, without having to worry about losing them.


  • Battery-powered toothbrush
  • 5 replaceable heads
  • Charging station
  • Container for storing the heads
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty
  • Instructor DVD




The device reaches the speed of 40.000 pulsating movements per minute. It also has a pressure sensor, which makes the red light turn on when too much force is applied on our teeth. This electric toothbrush is characterized by three cleaning modes:

– Daily clean – basic cleaning program.

– Sensitive – recommended for those with sensitive gums, this program cleans our teeth as gently as possible.

– Whitening – a tooth whitening program.

Thanks to the 3D brushing technology used in this device, we can rest assured that our teeth will be precisely and effectively cleaned, with no dental plaque remaining in our mouth.


  • First impressions - 82%
  • Design - 82%
  • Contents - 70%
  • Performance - 76%
  • Price - Quality - 70%


Oral-B Professional Care 3000 is an interesting offer for both the children and adults. Thanks to the ability to mount any heads we want on it, the toothbrush can be shared with the whole family. The price of the set is satisfying - 52 pounds. This includes paying not only for the basic set, but also for a few interesting extras which make both taking a proper care of the device and brushing our teeth easier.

76 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric