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Oral-B PRO 4000

Oral-B PRO 4000

A new product made by Braun for the PRO series is a toothbrush with a very innovative head, sloped at a 16 degree angle. The device removes even up to 100% more dental plaque than the classic manual toothbrush.

First impressions

pro4000-2The device is characterized by a very durable battery, capable of working for even 7 days without the need to recharge, along with the additional functions, ensuring careful brushing of the places hardest to reach. The manufacturers have also focused on the head, making it fully adjustable for its owner and his individual needs. This was made possible thanks to the “Cross Action” line of heads, with a specially contoured bristle, sloped at a 16 degree angle.


It’s a classic, dark blue toothbrush with three replaceable heads, capable of making 8800 movements per minute. Oral-B PRO 4000 is a set containing 4 special cleaning modes and a holder for storing heads with a cover. The heads will also inform us about them wearing out by changing colors gradually  -after few weeks, they will become much brighter. The whole thing is very practical and adjusted to the basic needs of its owner.


  • 1 Toothbrush (handle)
  • 1 Oral-B CrossAction head
  • 1 Oral-B ProWhite (whitening) head
  • 1 Oral-B Sensitive (soft) head
  • 1 charger
  • 1 holder for replaceable heads
  • Instruction manual
  • 24 month warranty


pro4000-3The manufacturers are offering many interesting solutions to us. One of them is, of course, the pressure sensor – when the head is being pushed too hard against the tooth, the toothbrush will let us know that we need to apply less strength into our brushing. Another interesting thing, allowing us to monitor how long are we brushing our teeth, is intuitive, 2-minute timer which turns the device off automatically, along with an interval which reminds us to start brushing a different part of our mouth every 30 seconds. Like any other electric toothbrush, this one also has multiple cleaning modes, this time around we can choose from the following four:

– Daily Clean – everyday brushing

– Gum Care – gum massage

– Sensitive – delicate mode for sensitive teeth

– Whitening – whitening and polishing mode


  • First impressions - 72%
  • Design - 76%
  • Contents - 76%
  • Performance - 73%
  • Price - Quality - 73%


The toothbrush for a whole family. It adjusts itself to the mouth cavity easily, while remaining efficient. Thanks to the varied cleaning modes we will be able to adjust it perfectly for our needs. The price also isn't too high. For something this solid, we're going to pay no more than 90 pounds.

74 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric