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Oral-B PRO 2000

Oral-B PRO 2000

A comfortable and practical electric toothbrush, which utilizes the 3D brushing system. It’s an effective technology, combining oscillating, rotating and pulsating  movements (40.000 pulsations and 8800 oscillating movements per minute). The device is perfect for the daily brushing and is characterized by its high effectivity. It’s a solid and durable toothbrush with a classic design, for a quite reasonable price.

Functions of the Oral-B PRO 2000 toothbrush


Oral-B PRO 20002 different cleaning modes – we get a classic, two-minute long brushing and Gum Care massaging program.


Pressure sensor protects us from applying too much force on our teeth while brushing them – a light will turn on when we’ll do so. This will prevent us from damaging our teeth.


Smartimer allows us to monitor our brushing time, ensuring that we’ll spend 2 minutes on this action.


Quadpacer is a system which, by using delicate vibrations, will remind us to start brushing a different part of our mouth every 30 seconds.


A durable battery allows the device to work for 7 days without having to recharge it (2 brushings per day). The handle is equipped with a display showing the current battery level.



  • Oral-B PRO 2000 toothbrush
  • Four different brush heads: Oral-B CrossAction, Trizone, Sensitive, Interspace
  • Charger


  • First impressions - 85%
  • Design - 84%
  • Contents - 83%
  • Performance - 81%
  • Price - Quality - 90%
84.6 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric