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Oral-B Genius 8000

Oral-B Genius 8000

Oral-B Genius 8000 electric toothbrush is an enhancement of the technology offered by this manufacturer in their Smart Series of products. These products allowed the user to connect the toothbrush with a special smartphone app via Bluetooth, allowing them for changing the cleaning modes remotely, measure the brushing time, keeping statistics and gathering other data related to their oral hygiene. Aside of the aforementioned functions, Oral B Genius 8000 is also outfitted with special sensors displaying the angle and location of the device within our mouth. Genius 8000 works with the camera of our smartphone, which we need to strap to the mirror (the set contains a special holder). This allows the app to control the quality of our brushing. The toothbrush itself offers 5 different cleaning modes and is equipped with a pressure sensor. The protective travel case bundled with the device is worth mentioning too, allowing us to store and transport both the toothbrush and its replaceable tips in a safe and comfortable way.

First impressions

The production quality is very high and it’s hard to find anything to complain about in that regard. The changes (for better) are definitely noticeable, if we’ll compare this toothbrush to the earlier Oral-B models from the Smart Series. The durability and quality of the casing are also improved, as the toothbrush doesn’t collect any smudges or stains. The rubber handle is comfortable and doesn’t slip out of our grip while brushing.

Oral-B Genius 8000 ensures the similar type of rotations-vibrations of the tip to the other Oral-B models. The electric toothbrush technology has developed enough for the device to offer a lot of cleaning modes and the ways we can brush our teeth with it, though. Genius 8000 has perfect cleaning properties and is very easy to use. Moreover, this model can be connected to the mobile devices, which will help you look up the newest brushing trends and make sure that you’re doing everything according to the recommendations of the specialists.


In terms of appearance, a big positive impression is left by the fact that every single one of the cleaning functions has been marked on a handle with a special symbol, illuminated by LED light. As we’re brushing our teeth, we can immediately see which mode our device is currently working in. Oral B Genius 8000 is offered as a part of a very rich kit, every single element of which is of a very high quality. The toothbrush itself resembles the other Oral-B products. For changing modes and turning the device and on and off, we’re using two switches located in the optimal place on the front panel.


  • Braun Oral-b Genius 8000 toothbrush handle
  • charger
  • smartphone holder
  • travel case
  • container for storing the heads
  • 3 heads (Cross Action, Sensitive Clean, 3D White)


Oral B Genius 8000 is an electric toothbrush offering 5 advanced cleaning modes, including: Daily Clean (classic brushing), Gum Care (gum massage), Sensitive (gentle cleaning of sensitive spots), 3D White (teeth whitening), Pro-Clean (thorough cleaning). Every single one of these options works perfectly, with the whitening and gentle modes deserving a special mention. The former produces effects fast, while the latter relieves all inflammations perfectly. Just like in case of the other toothbrushes, this one also comes with a timer which helps us monitor the brushing duration, along with a Smartimer function, which lets us know to move on to another part of our mouth every 30 seconds. The pressure sensor is a huge help, as it prevents us from pressing the head too hard against our teeth while brushing. The device will slow the rotation down automatically, in order to avoid damaging the enamel. Once fully charged, the battery can last for 12 days (2 brushings per day, 2 minutes each). It’s a pretty decent result, comparable to the top-notch models from the other manufacturers.

Oral B Genius is an interesting option for those who want to plan out a specific program of taking care of their oral hygiene for a longer period of time. All we need to do is use an app in order to choose the right options, along with setting the brushing frequency. The app will keep reminding us to brush our teeth when the time comes and will check if we’re following the chosen recommendations.

The toothbrush utilizes the system which detects its location, which, thanks to the app, allows us to observe the progress of our brushing all the time. It’s the perfect way to use the brushing techniques recommended by the dentists, while taking a complex care of our mouth cavity. The app will also give us full access to the statistics and tips.


  • First impressions - 80%
  • Design - 80%
  • Contents - 80%
  • Performance - 80%
  • Price - Quality - 80%


Oral-B Genius 8000 is one of the most hi-tech electric toothbrushes available on the market. The device is truly impressive when it comes to working with a special app, which makes the brushing significantly easier and motivates to clean our mouth properly. The device itself is made out of high quality materials and offers 5 really useful and effective cleaning modes.

80 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric