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Oral-B Advance Power

Oral-B Advance Power

It’s an universal electric toothbrush. Thanks to being simple to use, it’s perfect as our first electric toothbrush, while the fact that it’s powered by AA batteries makes it a good choice when we’re going on a trip. Oral – B Advance Power is an easy to use, enhanced replacement of the good old manual toothbrush.

The functions of Oral-B Advance Power toothbrush


Oral-B Advance PowerPrecision Clean head has specially designed, durable bristle which cleans our teeth and the places hardest to reach.


Advance Power system is a function which allows us to clean our teeth with utmost precision, being an enhancement of the regular manual toothbrush.


Battery powered – it’s a perfect option for the people who travel a lot or lacking a constant power source – the device is powered by two AA batteries.



  • Oral-B Advance Power toothbrush
  • Precision Clean head
  • 2 AA batteries


  • First impressions - 58%
  • Design - 65%
  • Contents - 68%
  • Performance - 64%
  • Price - Quality - 69%
64.8 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric