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Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean

Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean

Before we start, we would like to mention that there are multiple versions of Oral-B 5000 sets. Sensi Clean, however, is definitely the best version of this toothbrush available. The device ensures effective brushing thanks to the advanced 3D technology, offers 4 cleaning modes and, staying true to the modern trends, is capable of connecting to the Smartphone app via Bluetooth. This app allows us to look up the statistics of our brushing and get various helpful tips regarding maintaining good oral hygiene. Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean is a solid kit, which can be used for both the regular brushing and for taking care of the teeth with different types of sensitivity.

First impressions

Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean is similar in appearance to the other electric toothbrushes made by Oral-B. This well-proven structure of the handle makes the device very comfortable during the everyday use. The toothbrush is made out of the high-class materials, with the individual buttons and tips looking very solid as well. The big advantage of the kit is its rich content, including a charger, 3 replaceable tips, a container for the heads and useful travel case.


Oral-B 5000 Sensi CleanOral-B 5000 Sensi Clean is a toothbrush characterized by its smooth structure, which, despite of being pretty tall for a toothbrush, is very practical. Along with a mounted brush head, the height of the device is 23 cm, with the width being a little less than 3 cm. With an installed head, the toothbrush weights around 130 g, which is a decent result, as we don’t have to worry about the pain in our hands or wrists after using it for a longer period of time. On the front panel of the toothbrush we can easily notice a dark blue rubber handle. The rest of the casing is made out of a very shiny, hard, white material. On the front side of the toothbrush we can find the button used for turning the device on and changing its cleaning modes. Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean has been outfitted with a pressure sensor as well. If we’ll apply too much force to our brushing, pushing the device too hard against our teeth, a red light will flash and the rotation will slow down.


  • toothbrush (handle)
  • charger
  • tip container
  • 3 tips (2 Sensitive and 1 Crossaction)
  • travel case


Oral-B 5000 Sensi CleanOral-B 5000 Sensi Clean offers 4 cleaning modes. We can choose from the regular brushing, whitening and polishing mode, a mode for cleaning the sensitive spots and a program made for massaging our gums, which improves their blood circulation. All modes do their job perfectly, with the brushing itself being both effective and very pleasant. After each brushing we can feel that every bit of space within our mouth has been cleaned. The toothbrush doesn’t leave any residue on our teeth and doesn’t irritate our teeth and gums either.

The pressure sensor turns out to be very helpful too, as it protects us from pushing the toothbrush against our teeth too hard, leading to damaging the enamel. In the instance when too much force is applied on our end, a red light will turn on at the back of the device, with the rotation slowing down. It’s a simple and useful system, which teaches us how much force should we apply to our brushing.

Just like in case of all electric toothbrushes, Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean has 2 systems which control the duration of our brushing. The first one makes sure that we spend the recommended 2 minutes on the procedure. The second reminds us to move on to another part of our mouth every 30 seconds. Everything works perfectly and makes following the dentists’ recommendations easier.

The biggest curiosity of this model is the ability to connect it wirelessly to our phone via Bluetooth. Oral-B offers a special app for the iOS and Android which allows us to keep track of our brushings and check the statistics related to these. It’s a good way to journalize our brushing and a solid motivation to keep taking a good care of our teeth. The app will additionally remind us of other actions related to the oral hygiene, plus it contains a lot of useful tips and trivia. For smartphone/apps enthusiasts, it’s definitely going to be a very interesting offer.

The battery of Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean lasts 7 days after a full charge (provided that we’ll only use it twice a day, 2 minutes per brushing). This gives us 28 minutes in total. When the toothbrush’s battery is running low, the battery icon at the bottom of the handle will start blinking with a red light, with green light turning on when the toothbrush is being charged. 7 days without charging is a rather average result, as most of the modern devices can last around 14 days. For those using this model mostly at home, this shouldn’t be a bigger problem, though.


  • First impressions - 90%
  • Design - 90%
  • Contents - 91%
  • Performance - 84%
  • Price - Quality - 89%


A solid electric toothbrush, the biggest advantages of which being 5 cleaning modes and the option to connect it wirelessly to a mobile device. The special app by Oral-B is really interesting and well developed. Oral-B 5000 Sensi Clean ensures effective cleaning and works well at removing different types of stains and discolorations.

88.8 %
Manufacturer: Oral-B
Type of toothbrush: Electric