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FOREO is a Swedish brand known for its innovative and stylish products. The FOREO ISSA™ electric toothbrush is more than just an original, polished design. It’s a completely revolutionary approach to technology, the result of which being an electric toothbrush made entirely out of medical grade silicone. The head of a toothbrush is completely covered with silicone bristle, which effectively cleans our teeth, while also being very comfortable to our gums. Because of the quick-drying and non-porous structure of the silicone head, which gathers up to 10.000 less bacteria than the regular nylon bristle, it needs to be replaced only once a year. The device is distinguished by its production values and offers practical, very innovative improvements, which we won’t find amongst the other toothbrushes. ISSA™ offers, for example, 8 adjustable brushing intensity settings, an option of charging the device via USB and a battery capable of working for half a year.

First impressions


First of all, we should mention that ISSA™ isn’t an ordinary enhancement of the electric toothbrush. It’s a brand new and, we’ve got to admit, very original concept of a toothbrush. ISSA™ looks completely different from the other popular models available on the market, being the very first electric toothbrush made entirely out of silicone.

At the very first glance we can already notice that ISSA™ is a premium class device. The toothbrush is made out of high grade materials, and the whole thing is perfectly shaped. The casing is very solid, but also balanced and pleasant in touch. When it comes to the quality and end results of each brushing, this toothbrush is one of the best available on the market. Aside of the complete toothbrush, the set contains the USB cable used for charging and a soft protective case.


ISSA™ is distinguished by its hi-tech, minimalistic design. The toothbrush has an ergonomic design and is very light, which makes storing it easier. The handle is extremely simple, and we also get four color schemes to choose from (Coblt Bluie, Lavender, Mint and Cool Black). The whole toothbrush is covered with smooth silicone, which is very comfy in touch.

At the first glance we might think that this device doesn’t have any buttons. In reality, they are very cleverly hidden and if we’ll take a closer look at the handle, we will notice a small indentation marked with + and – signs on both sides of the power button. These buttons allow us to increase and decrease the intensity of brushing, allowing the user to adjust the vibrations to their own preferences. There are 8 different intensity settings, with ISSA remembering the last setting we’ve chosen when we turn it off, thanks to the additional Memory function. At the back of the casing, under a small hatch, we can find a waterproof USB port, which makes the toothbrush safe to use in the shower or in the bathtub.


  • ISSA™ handle
  • ISSA™ head or ISSA™ Hybrid (depending on the set we’ve chosen)
  • USB charging cable
  • Soft protective case



ISSA™ allows us to brush our teeth using the hi-tech Sonic Pulse technology, generating 11.000 vibrations of high intensity per minute, carried over to a soft, silicone bristle. These vibrations then create micro-sweeping which effectively removes the dental plaque. The toothbrush is exceptionally delicate towards the enamel and prevents the forming of cavities and tartar. A soft silicone prevents gum irritations, giving them a pleasant and gentle massage instead. There 8 different adjustable intensity settings. Unlike the other sonic toothbrushes, the heads of this model need to be replaced only once a year, instead of every 2-3 months. The elastic 3D head reaches every surface within our mouth, making brushing the teeth in the rear a much easier task. Because of that, it’s wider and longer, cleaning teeth and gums at the same time, along with the internal part of our cheeks in order to achieve the optimal results.

Another innovation in this model is the possibility to charge it via USB cable, with the battery duration being very impressive. We don’t need any charging stations like in case of the other electric toothbrushes, while the fully charge allows us to use the toothbrush 365 times. This gives us approximately half a year of brushing without the need to recharge. It’s a perfect solution for those who travel often, being more comfortable and not requiring any chargers.  ISSA™ has also been outfitted with an intuitive blockade, which prevents it from turning on by accident.

Just like the rest of the top-notch toothbrushes, ISSA™ offers the automatic timer controlling the duration of our brushing. It vibrates every 30 seconds in order to remind us to move on to another part of our mouth, with the toothbrush turning itself off after two minutes. The device is easy to maintain – all we need to do is to wash it under tap water after each use.

ISSA™ is bundled with either the silicone head (ISSA™) or a hybrid one (ISSA™ Hybrid), depending on the version we’ve chosen. The silicone head is made entirely out of silicone and ensures delicate, but also effective, cleaning of teeth and gums. The hybrid head is a combination of the silicone material and PBT polymer, ensuring more intensive cleaning, perfect for people with more dental plaque on their teeth.


  • First impressions - 87%
  • Design - 91%
  • Contents - 88%
  • Performance - 90%
  • Price - Quality - 95%

A high class product

Beautifully designed and made, this sonic toothbrush made by Swedish company ISSA™ is not only a brave concept, but also intelligent design which ensures a comfortable and effective care of our mouth cavity. We will find a vast selection of innovative ideas and technologies here, all of them being a milestone for the oral hygiene industry. ISSA is a high class device, the price of which, while very high, is fully justified.

90.2 %
Manufacturer: FOREO
Type of toothbrush: Sonic