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Electric toothbrush and its accessories

 Elektryczna szczoteczka i akcesoriaThe electric toothbrush is a fully self-sufficient product. The owner doesn’t need to worry about buying additional tongue cleaning overlays or a gum stimulator, as the electric toothbrush already has these functions built-in. In order to choose the function we want, all it takes is pressing the correct button. That’s why the list of accessories we need is so short.

Which accessories and extras?

Replaceable tips

The tip (also known as the head) should be replaced every three months, as during this period of time the tip could suffer some small damage, which can lead to a less effective brushing. Many electric toothbrushes come with a built-in timer, which informs us about replacing the tip after a specified amount of time.


Electric toothbrush requires a special kind of toothpaste. It’s not that different from the regular toothpaste in terms of pricing. However, using it is necessary, as it’s characterized by a low factor of RDA abrasiveness. The electric toothbrush makes very fast motions (about 48.000 per minute) and using a regular toothpaste (which is abrasive) can cause damage to the enamel, which can then lead to sensitive teeth.


The kind of liquid we choose should be adjusted to the state of our teeth and/or our age. We usually divide the mouthwashes into the following: anticavity mouthwash, anti-inflammatory, whitening, specially for sensitive teeth and gums and also the mouthwashes for people wearing braces. Mouthwash neutralizes bad breath  and „destroys” the remaining bacteria inside of the oral cavity.


The best choice is an encased model (it’s more stable and contains two slots for extra tips of the toothbrush).


It’s a device capable of fast cleaning of surfaces between the teeth. It’s a perfect replacement for a dental floss or a toothpick. It can be used as a supplement of the daily oral hygiene. It’s recommended for people with crowded teeth, the users of braces, bridges or crowns along with people with implants or suffering from periodontitis. We generally distinguish stationary irrigators for use at home and portable ones which can be used while on a trip. An irrigator is not an absolute necessity as a product, that’s why the decision whether to actually buy it or not is the one we should make by ourselves.