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Electric toothbrush and healthy teeth

mycie zębówInventing the electric toothbrush had a huge impact on the market and completely changed the public’s approach to brushing our teeth. The children are more eager to try it out because of the head moving on its own and the curiosity sparked by trying out the new electronic device. What’s the difference between brushing our teeth with an electric toothbrush and doing so with a manual one? And is it really worth buying an electric one?

Removing dental plaque

According to an independent research published in 2005, “the toothbrushes making the rotating-oscilating movements removed more dental plaque and were more effective at reducing gum inflammation than the ordinary, manual toothbrushes in case of both short and long-term usage…”. Since its creation, the electric toothbrush became the subject of many observations and tests. How exactly is it better than the manual toothbrush? All thanks to its mechanization and cleaning modes. The hi-tech toothbrush contains different types of these, such as the pressure sensor, which helps us adjust the strength of our grip and apply the right amount of pressure on our teeth. An important advantage is the head movement speed – the manual toothbrush simply can’t, and never will, measure up to it. On average, the head of electric toothbrush rotates over 40.000 times per minute.

Whitening and cleaning

szczoteczka elektrycznaThe manufacturers provide us not only with interesting functions, but also different head types which offer us the additional protection and cleaning adjusted to our needs. For example, the whitening head tips, the type and bristle of which allowing them to both brush our teeth and whiten the enamel, got invented. The heads for sensitive teeth and gum massage have also been invented. The latter do not apply too much pressure on the surface of our teeth, they don’t irritate our gums, are a little slower and don’t remove the plaque in an aggressive way.

The toothbrushes perfect for children and the disabled

The electric and sonic toothbrushes are also recommended for the people with restricted motor functions, such as the children and people disabled physically or mentally. They are easy to use and very intuitive, which makes them easy to learn fast. The head makes rotating movements automatically and all the user has to do is holding it up to the surface of the tooth. From the historical point of view, the idea behind the creation of this device was to help the people with motor function disabilities and those who wear braces. Nowadays, because of the useful functions and effects on the enamel, the electric toothbrushes are a perfect choice for the disabled, children and the adults.