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Electric toothbrush and dental braces

Szczoteczka elektrycznaWearing braces allows for not only working out a healthy occlusion, but also allows us to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile. Braces users need to follow certain rules and put even more care into their teeth. This will allow them to avoid worrying about cavities or gum inflammation (which might happen, if we don’t take care of our mouth and teeth properly). The electric toothbrush provides the comfort we are looking for, along with cleaning precision.

Good hygiene

When we’re about to use the electric toothbrush (the ones making oscilating-rotating movemenets are the best choice here), we should stock up with the right products – a specialized head tip for cleaning the interdental surfaces and places between the archwires. The orthodontic head tip is characterized by its relatively big aggregation of fibers which ensure the overall brushing precision. The daily oral hygiene is very important, as it can help fix our occlusion problems faster. Using electric toothbrush will also allow us to remove twice as much of the dental plaque than the regular, manual toothbrush. Using the dental floss or irrigator proves to be the right finishing touch to our daily brushing as well, as these two devices reach the places hardest to reach (like the spot where braces and teeth meet). Don’t forget that we should brush our teeth at least two minutes after the meal.

aparat ortodontycznyDental braces and proper nutrition

While wearing braces, we should remember about maintaining not only the good oral hygiene, but proper nutrition as well. Avoiding hard foods is the key to the correct protection of both the tooth and the braces. These include nuts, sunflower seeds or candy (we can eat these, as long as we don’t have to bite on the said candy). We should also avoid products like chewing gums or fudges – these are very hard to remove from our braces, unless we’ll use the irrigator. If we don’t want to accidentally cause the discoloration of the parts of our braces (ligatures), we shouldn’t eat or drink any products which might cause colored stains, such as the red wine, beets, berries or curry sauce. It’s a lot of restrictions, but it will help us get our teeth to the shape we want faster.