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Dry mouth – causes and treatment

suchość w ustachThe problem of chapped lips and dry mouth shouldn’t always be belittled. The main cause of this ailment are salivary glands, which might either work incorrectly or not work at all, as it’s their job to produce the saliva in our mouth.

Producing insufficient amounts of saliva might be caused by the following: radiotherapy, taking certain medicine, diabetes and the organism slowly getting old. Once we’ll notice the aforementioned problem, we should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

A rare dysfunction

The salivary gland disorder isn’t a common problem though. Only 5% of the global population seems to suffer from it. Why should it be treated? Because the prolonged time during which we won’t produce more saliva might lead to cavities or oral tinea.

Before visiting the doctor we can check if the problem was caused by ourselves. Dry mouth can also be caused by insufficient hydration (we should drink 2 – 2.5 l per day) or consuming too much salt. The lack of saliva might also be caused by smoking, breathing through our mouths and, in case of women, the approaching menopause.

The functions of saliva in our organism

The saliva produced by salivary glands has very important functions. The most important ones are:


  • protecting the teeth from cavities
  • neutralizing acids
  • assisting at speaking
  • making digestion possible
  • helping swallow foods
  • protecting the walls of our teeth from damages
  • feeling various tastes


Salivary glands treatment

The basic problem of dysfunctional salivary glands is that it’s hard to fully restore their original functionality. However, the American scientists along with the professor Chih – Ko Yeh conducted a series of experiments showing that it’s possible to grow fully functional salivary glands using silk fibers as “scaffolding”. We’ll have to wait a couple of years for this treatment to leave the experimental stage, but the results so far seem very promising.

That’s why, in case of the problem occuring, it’s worth visiting our doctor and listen to their opinion. Maybe our problem won’t require such radical and complex treatment.