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Does tooth whitening pays off?

wybielanie zębówThroughout recent years, health became the number one topic. We do sports, eat healthy food, attend various medical examinations. The teeth became the center of attention as well, leading to the development of technology and techniques related to keeping their healthy look. The opinions about white teeth being healthy teeth began to spread fast. Does it really look like this in reality? What are we going to gain by getting them to such condition?

The ways to whiten our teeth

There are many chemical and natural ways of whitening our teeth. The basic form of taking care of them is brushing them. We can use both the manual and electric toothbrush. Dental floss is also useful. It helps remove the remains of food from between our teeth. The most frequent finishing touch is using a mouthwash – it helps kill the last bacteria remaining in our mouth. After such refreshment we can be certain that all of the causes of potential discoloration have been removed. How to take care of the discolorations which have already happened though? Visiting the dentist is one way. The specialist will irradiate our teeth using a special device, which makes the effects visible within first few days. This way of whitening our teeth is the most expensive one, though. Another option is using whitening stripes at home, these have a relatively high effectiveness which is visible after a week. One of the less popular ways is using a whitening stick or a brush. We put them on every day and wash them off, as our teeth become visibly whiter after 2 weeks or so.

Pros and cons

wybielanieThe fast and professional offices guarantee the desired effect of the white teeth. Effects of such treatment are visible after only a few days. We can then enjoy our bright, Hollywood smile, this is undoubtedly going to make others jealous. Thanks to the daily care and giving up heavily discolorating liquids (wine, coffee, tea), we can enjoy the effects for a very long time. The home whitening isn’t less effective, the only disadvantage here is that we’ll need to wait for effects for a longer time (at least a week). However, with some perseverance, we can achieve the desired effect for a significantly lower price. The only general disadvantage of tooth whitening is that using the chemicals might leave the gums sensitive. After few days the pain will go away, but it’s also the reason why people with sensitivities shouldn’t whiten their teeth.

The right choice

Choosing the whitening method depends entirely on us. The main restriction here is the money. The most effective methods are also the most expensive, but their effectivity is the greatest and longest. Moreover, this way of whitening doesn’t irritate our teeth as much and the overall treatment takes only a moment. It’s definitely the simplest option. However, the people who don’t have much money or want to take care of their discoloration problems alone can easily do the same thing at home. These methods aren’t hard and the effects we want will be eventually attained. The choice of the most suitable way is in our hands.