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Does pH value matter?

13 September 2017

The pH value in our mouth isn’t meaningless to its health. In order to enjoy cavity-free teeth and sturdy gums, we should take care of maintaining the right pH level, and, most importantly, keep it from getting too sour. How can we do that?

Healthy menu

In order to maintain the right pH level in our mouth, we need to consume healthy foods and drink lots of water. Adding more fizzy drinks and sweets to our diet causes our pH to change to sour, making our mouth a perfect environment for the bacteria. This makes it easier for the cavities and demineralization of the enamel to occur. That’s why we should be careful with how much of the simple sugars (glucose, fructose or maltose) we add to our diet.

The sweets are the worst for our teeth, espeically the ones which linger within our mouths for a long time, like jelly beans, boiled sweets, candy or fudges. After each consumption of these, we should wash our mouth out with water.

Wine, vinegar, fast foods and citruses can be harmful to our teeth as well.

Remember to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after consuming products rich in acids (for example, fizzy drinks, fruits). This will allow our saliva to neautralize the effects of these substances. In certain cases, it might even lead to permanent enamel damages and making it more susceptible to cavities.

How does your saliva look like?

Saliva is a liquid found naturally within human mouth. One of its many functions is reducing pH levels within the oral caivty and removal of food remains from our teeth. That’s why it’s important to keep the right amount of it within our mouth. If we’re producing insufficient amounts of saliva, our mouth might become colonized by bacteria. If you feel like your mouth has been dry for a longer time now, you should visit your doctor. Perhaps the process of producing saliva by your body has been disturbed by an illness or the medicine you take.

The pH value of saliva can be controlled by us, by using a special tester resembling a tape with an indicator similar to a litmus paper. All we need to do is apply a little bit of saliva onto the tape and then we can compare the color we get with a scale included with the tester.

Maintaining correct pH value in our mouth is incredibly important in prophylaxis of dental diseases. That’s why it’s important to follow a healthy diet every day  and clean our teeth regularly. In the instances when we really want to eat some sweets, we should at least wash our mouth out afterwards. Don’t forget, that if you’re having problems with producing enough saliva despite of increasing the amount of liquids you drink, you need to see the doctor.

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