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Dental irrigator

irygatorIt’s a special device used for precise cleaning of interdental surfaces, periodontal pockets, the surfaces between the bridges and crowns and also removing bacteria and food remains from our mouth. Using one daily enhances and improves the state of our mouth and helps it become more resistant against the known gum and tooth ailments.


The dental irrigator resembles an electric toothbrush, with the biggest difference between the two being the tip – it’s got a pointy end. It’s a small nozzle which shoots out the stream of water and carefully cleans the inside of our mouth. The water is taken from the small container permanently attached to the irrigator.

Depending on our needs, we can choose a product with a bigger or smaller water container.

Types of irrigators

The water irrigators are divided in two groups:

  • wireless irrigator: perfect for the trips, as it doesn’t have a base requiring it to be plugged into an electrical socket. The irrigator is powered by AA batteries or by a chargeable battery. Thanks to the smaller water container, it can fit into any bag without any problems.
  • stationary irrigator: made for home use. It’s significantly bigger, has a big water container and stronger water pressure. Ensures long and precise cleaning of oral cavity.

Depending on the model and the manufacturer we can find both the single, small devices and big products with an enhanced container, various cleaning modes (the most popular ones are gentle and normal), few nozzles and additional head tips used for cleaning the tongue.

A function of the device

irygator_aquapickWho can use a dental irrigator? Without a doubt, anyone who cares about precise and safe cleaning of their teeth. It’s a fantastic replacement for dental flosses and toothpicks. The nozzle releases a stream of pressurized water (the pressure can be adjusted) in the direction chosen by us and helps remove the remaining residue and food remains, along with killing the remaining bacteria. Thanks to the precise cleaning we can prevent cavities from forming and gums from getting inflammated. If the inflammation has already occured, we can add a correct medicine to the water in the container and apply it using the nozzle. That’s why the irrigator is perfect for both preventive and medical use.

The product is mostly recommended to the people wearing braces, bridges, dentures (fixed and removable), implants or crowns, along with the people with periodontitis and crowded teeth. Aside of precise cleaning, the irrigator massages and stimulates the gums and improves their blood supply. It’s a perfect option for those seeking a professional cleaning at home.