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Choosing the heads for a Philips Sonicare sonic toothbrush

29 May 2017

At the stores we can find different types of heads compatible with Philips Sonicare sonic toothbrushes. They differ from one another mostly in bristle structure and cleaning properties related to it. Each type is made for different kind of brushing and cleaning intensivity. It’s worth mentioning that all of the Sonicare heads are compatible with Philips models such as the FlexCare Platinum, DiamondClean, EasyClean, HealthyWhite, FlexCare, FlexCare+, Sonicare for Kids and DiamondClean Black. Are you wondering which Philips Sonicare head is the best? Give our head type guide a read and choose the one which fits your brushing preferences the most. The Philips Sonicare heads avaible on the market are:

Philips Sonicare ProResults

The head type made for classic, everyday brushing. The Philips ProResults head is equipped with long, profiled bristles with a special outline. The structure of the head ensures high standards of cleaning and allows for precise removal of stains from the interdental surfaces and hard to reach places within our mouth. This model of Philips Sonicare head is being offered for many years now and is often bundled with the Sonicare toothbrushes. The tips are avaible in the Standard version or Mini, with a smaller head, in the packages containing 4 or 8 tips.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

The tips of this type are recommended for whitening and brightening the teeth. The DiamondClean heads are characterized by their innovative, diamond-shaped  structure and 3 levels of bristle softness. The thick, carefully profiled bristles are perfect at removing discolorations and residue of various kinds. Using this head type can restore the original color of our teeth, with the first effects being noticeable even after a week. At the stores we can find the Standard and Mini versions of the tips in black and white colors, avaible in packages containing 2, 4 or 8 heads.

Sonicare Philips Sensitive

The product made for gently brushing of sensitive teeth. The softest heads ever produced by Philips. The tips are made for people suffering from sensitive teeth and gums. Philips Sensitive is much gentler than ProResults, but it’s just as precise when it comes to cleaning. This model is offered in the Standard version only, in packages containing 2 or 4 heads.

 Philips Sonicare AdaptiveClean

The tips made for a very deep cleaning of interdental surfaces and the farthest places in our mouth. The AdaptiveClean tips are outiftted with a much wider head than the other Sonicare tips. This model should mostly interest people who are looking for intense cleaning capable of covering a wide area. The heads are avaible only in the Standard version, in packages containing 2 or 4 tips.

Philips Sonicare InterCare

The advanced model of the tips, allows for specialized cleaning of, for example, dental braces. The bristles consist of fibers of 3 different lengths and multiple levels of softness, allowing for careful removal of the residue and cleaning of interdental surfaces. The bristles are also made out of material completely resistant against the close contact with dental braces. The InterCare tips are a perfect option for the people who think that the other heads don’t provide the right cleaning intensivity as well.

Philips Sonicare ForKids

The heads made with children in mind. The Sonicare ForKids heads allow for gentle cleaning, while the structure of the head and bristles is adjusted to the small teeth and sensitive gums. At the back of the device we will also find the rubber layer ensuring comfortable brushing. At the stores we can find two versions of these heads: Mini, suitable for the ages 4 – 7 and Standard, for the children aged 7 and older. The ForKids tip is compatible with all Philips Sonicare toothbrush models.