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Cavity – recognition and treatment

próchnicaAccording to the experiments conducted over a couple of years, we are still suffering from cavities just as often as few years ago. Over 95% of people at the age of 18 suffer from cavities. The teeth of children around the age of 7 got examined as well – during the last 4 years, over 85.6% of people are still having problems with this disease. The statistics shown here are very pessimistic, leading to the dentists inventing a new term for this situation: “a cavity epidemic”.

The most common cause is bad oral hygiene. The children were never taught the correct brushing techniques and they weren’t supervised by their parents to make sure that they do so twice a day. The regular dentist visits are important as well, as they prevent the potential diseases and changes. According to the data provided by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, many children didn’t even get the proper examination of their teeth.

The cavity is a very visible change on the surface of our teeth. All of us had problems with it at least a few times during our lifetime.

How to treat cavities?

If the cavity has already appeared, then the only way of removing it is a dentist appointment. The faster we’ll react, the easier it will be to remove it, along with smaller costs. The cavity isn’t good for our overall health. When left untreated, it’s going to have negative effects on our body and mood. A very well developed cavity causes toothache, along with the teeth crumbling and getting holes. It might also be the cause of the following diseases:


  • iris inflammation
  • phlebitis
  • rheumatism
  • endocarditis and myocarditis
  • glomerulonephritis


As you can see, leaving the cavities untreated for a long time might lead to it attacking us from where we’re not expecting it.

Daily oral hygiene is the most important thing here, as we need to brush our teeth twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Utilising additional means of protection such as flossing and using a mouthwash (which will allow us to remove 99% of the hidden stains, food remains and bacteria) is heavily recommended too.