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Bootleg Oral-B heads – how to not get fooled?

19 July 2017

After purchasing the electric toothbrush, we expect the highest quality of taking care of our oral cavity possible. We count on the fact that the purchase we’ve made will pay off in the end by allowing us to enjoy having a bright and healthy smile. We also want to avoid irritated gums and damaged enamel.  That’s why we should listen the recommendations of our dentists and replace the tip every three months. However, we don’t always buy these at the authorized stores, as we may stumble upon a seller offering us cheaper prices or fast delivery. We should be aware though, that we can stumble upon bootleg tips that way. Brushing our teeth with these might lead to damaging our enamel. How can we distinguish the original Oral-B tips from the bootleg ones, then?

How can we notice that the Oral-B isn’t original?

There are 10 basic things we should pay attention to.


Unfortunately, for high quality bristles, we need to pay a lot. The difference between bootleg bristles and the originals can be significant. The fake tips can be bought for even a single pound, while the real thing can cost even four times the price of a counterfeit.

The color of plastic

Both fake and original heads seem to be the same color – white. However, the real Oral-B tips have a deeper, “whiter” shade of white compared to the fake ones, which are more ivory or creamy in color.

Mounting a tip on the handle

Sometimes it’s hard to notice the bootleg nature of the head in this regard. There are better and worse fakes on the market. However, the original Oral-B tips will always fit the handle perfectly – any “loose feelings” while using our toothbrush should be worrisome to us, then.

Mounting a colored overlay on the tip

The colored overlay bundled with a toothbrush should be exactly the same size as the head and therefore, fit it perfectly. The fake heads can be different from one another, but once again, anything that feels even remotely loose should give us a reason to think about what we just bought.

Bristle color

The original bristles are significantly darker, with more saturated color.

Bristle quality

It’s incomparably higher in case of the original tips, with the bristles being soft and thick. The fibers of bootleg heads are messy, they spread out and tend to be hard and sometimes even “scratch”.

Serial number within the recess

In the back of the tip, right above the brushing head, we can find a recess. The original products have their serial numbers engraved there, while the bootleg ones will only have a clean plastic surface.

A screw in the front

In front of the tip, right under the bristle we can find a hole with a screw inside. The shape and color of the screw are different in the bootleg version.

A visible logo and a recess

On the original tip of the toothbrush we can find a saturated grey Oral-B logo in the front. Right underneath it we can see a round outline, without a recess. Bootleg tips are also marked as Oral-B, but the logo can often be found higher or lower than in case of the original, being bright grey in color. Below it on th eother hand we can find a round recess instead of an outline.

The spots next to a dot at the top

On the top of the tip we can find a metal dot. In the original model, on both sides of the said dot and at the same height we can find two, concave spots (made after the form injection). In case of the bootlegs, these spots aren’t lined up with the dot and are usually convex.

Purchasing the original tips

As you can see, noticing the difference between the originals and bootlegs isn’t difficult. Remember to not be stingy while purchasing such products – a brushing head with low quality bristles can permanently damage our teeth. Always check the originality of a product before using it for the first time and, what’s even more important, buy your tips from a reliable store.

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