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Amabrush – the toothbrush which will clean your teeth by itself

21 August 2017

Are you tired of brushing your teeth for two minutes every single time? Do you find it hard to deal with precise cleaning of the enamel, getting rid of dental plaque and food remains? Maybe you should take a closer look at the newest invention avaible on the dental makret – Amabrush, the automatic toothbrush. It can clean the entire mouth cavity in 10 seconds. How exactly does it work?

Innovative project

Amabrush is a crowdfunding Kickstarter project, developed by the team of Australian, German and American enterpreneurs. The first prototype of the toothbrush came out in 2015, created by the founder of Amabrush company – Marvin Musialk.

The design of Amabrush toothbrush

The toothbrush, in terms of its design, is similar to the mouth guards worn by certain athetes. It consists of two parts:

  • manual, which alson contains a small engine producing vibrations,
  • oral, placed between our teeth. The bristle placed on it, applied to the teeth at a 45 degree angle, is made out of antibacterial silicone, which kills 99.9% of bacteria within our mouth. The microchannels release ana ctive toothpaste.

How does it work?

In order to carefully clean our teeth using the Amabrush automatic toothbrush, all we need to do is place it in our mouth and push the button. The device will start vibrating on its own, secreting toothpaste. The bristles in oral part are situated in a way which allows them to have different resonant frequencies. This allows the toothbrush to clean all teeth at the same time with equal effectivity.

While brushing, each tooth is being cleaned for 10 seconds – the regular brushing, on average, allows us to clean a single tooth for 1.25 seconds. Ironically, even if the entire brushing process is shorter, each tooth is brushed 8 times longer. After 10 seconds, the device will turn itself off, allowing us to wash our mouth out and enjoy the refreshened mouth cavity. Amabrush is supposed to allow us to choose one of multiple cleaning modes (like tooth massage or whitening), along with the option to make the overall brushing last longer.
The device doesn’t clean the tongue.

The Amabrush toothbrush needs to be recharged every 28 uses.


According to its designers, who analyzed jaws and mandibles of 2000 men and women, the Amabrush toothbrush is versatile. If the said person doesn’t have any significant malocclusions, the soft fabric of the oral part will adjust to most of the teeth without any problems.

Saving time

According to Amabrush, every single one of us spends about 108 days of our life on brushing our teeth. What a waste of time! Moreover, according to the researchers, we often the brushing time to one minute. This isn’t enough to properly clean our mouth cavity, which results in cavities. That’s why the project met with a huge interest of hundreds of thousands supporters. Thanks to that, the first toothbrushes should get released in October this year and in December, they are scheduled for appearing at stores.


The price includes the one-time purchase of the Amabrush toothbrush, replacing mouthpieces regularly and buying the special toothpaste. The device costs 69 Euro in its basic variant and 199 Euro in its enhanced variant (99 for those who have purchased it via Kickstarter).

The mouthpiece costs 6 Euro and it needs to be replaced every 3 – 6 months, depending on the state of wearing out. We can also mount different mouthpieces on the device, which allows it to be used by the entire family.

The special toothpaste can last us for a month and costs 3 Euro for a tube.

The new automatic toothbrush is a model we should definitely take a closer look at. It’s being offered at a fairly reasonable price. The ability to clean our teeth witohut using our hands, in a much short time as well, will undoubtedly convince many users of the classic toothbrushes.

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