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Advantages and disadvantages of the electric toothbrush

Using an electric toothbrush has a wide appeal. Aside of an interesting way of cleaning teeth, the toothbrush entails many advantages. We can take a closer look at both the advantages and a few disadvantages of this device.



Electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque (for example, from gingival and periodontal pockets or interdental spaces) because they make more movements within a minute than a human hand (the toothbrush can make even 40.000 pulsating movements a minute) and also thanks to the pressure sensor which helps us choose the optimal pressure to apply on the tooth while brushing.


The modern toothbrushes have replaceable tips, that’s why it’s enough to buy only one toothbrush and multiple tips (one for each member of the family), which will lower the costs and allow everyone to use it.

Simple to use

Using them doesn’t require manual skills, which makes them perfect for the disabled and children.

Saving time

Thanks to the built-in clock the toothbrush informs us that we can finish brushing after 120 seconds. While brushing our teeth with a manual toothbrush we are deciding about how much time we spend on the process by ourselves, which often leads to us brushing for too long, which isn’t good for our gums.


The electric toothbrushes are also massaging the gums, which has an advantegous effect on periodontium.


The device is fully dependant on electricity

In order to work, the electric toothbrush needs a charged battery. Thanks to that, the device can be turned on and used. A camping trip for a couple days might make using it harder, but the manufacturers have decided to face up to the expectations. The electric toothbrushes can now be used even for five days without charging. The replaceable batteries also got invented, allowing you to swap one for another when its power runs out.


These can count as a disadvantage as well. Electric toothbrushes aren’t cheap to begin with and the additional functions included with the device makes it even more expensive. It’s obvious though, that these devices can last many, many years and in order to save even more money, we can always buy one toothbrush for the entire family, as mentioned above.

The possibility of damaging the enamel

Too much pressure applied to the teeth by the electric toothbrush may lead to damaging the enamel and irritated gums. In order to prevent this from happening, it’s worth using the pressure sensor which will help you adjust the perfect strength applied to brushing.