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A daily tooth care for children aged 0 to 2 years

niemowlę szczoteczkaThe recent recommendations of the specialists focus on taking care of our baby’s oral hygiene as soon as possible. Cleaning the mouth of a child should start even before the appearance of the first deciduous teeth. This means that we should clean the child’s gums using a small piece of gauze soaked in boiled water or infusion of chamomile after each meal, every day. This will help us stop the potential development of oral thrushes and enhance the future teeth, lowering the possibility of cavities.

First brushing

Using a toothbrush should be introduced around the time when our child is 1 year old. The reasons for that are eruption of the first teeth and forming of furrows and lumps (in the spaces where the future milk teeth will appear).  This is where using a gauze won’t be enough anymore. Tooth brushing should occur twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If our child expresses the deire to brush their own teeth, we can allow them to try brushing by themselves. However, we should still assist them at that, as they obviously won’t be able to properly clean all of their teeth.

Keep in mind that we should still clean the gums and teeth using the gauze after every meal.

We should also pay attention to which toothbrush should we buy. It should have a small, rounded head, anti-slip handle, very soft bristles with marked spot showing where the toothpaste should be applied. The toothbrush should be colorful – it will keep a child’s interest for longer.

Which toothpaste should be used first?

Introducing a toothpaste containing fluroide can done as early as starting from the period when our child is 1 year old. This will help us strengthen the child’s teeth, protecting them from potential cavities. If we’ll decide to use such toothpaste, we should remember a few things:


  • We shouldn’t apply the toothpaste on the bristles, but rather rub it in them. This will minimize the risk of the toothpaste getting swallowed.
  • After the initial brushing we should clean the oral cavity , teeth and gums using a gauze soaked in boiled water.
  • We should try to rub the paste in using the toothbrush, as the child might try to suck on it.
  • The amount of toothpaste used for brushing shouldn’t be bigger than the child’s nail.


It’s worth keeping an eye on the development of the first teeth. Before our child turns 2, we should teach them to stop sucking their thumbs, pacifiers or a bottle, which will ensure that their bite will develop correctly and our child will be able to enjoy having straight, nice teeth in the future.