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We present the best electric toothbrush ranking

The electric toothbrushes become more and more popular. Compared to the manual ones, they are far more effective, comfortable and practical. This causes more manufacturers of such products to gradually appear on the market.  The electric toothbrush becomes more and more common in our bathrooms. Choosing one isn’t easy, as certain models differ from one another not only in functions, but prices and maintenance costs as well. Many people looking for their first toothbrush don’t know which products would be the best for them. On our site you can find the ranking of the best electric toothbrushes, prepared by the specialists after consulting the dentists and regular users.


We recommend buying the electric toothbrushes only in the honest and proven shops. Ordering them Online is highly beneficial, as the prices often tend to be lower, even with the delivery fee included, than the ones at the regular stores. On this site you will be able to find links to well0rated stores which ensure a high standard of customer service, along with the fast delivery.


During our tests, we have checked most of the most popular models offered by renowned manufacturers. While rating the electric toothbrush, we took their design, effectivity, production quality, the amount of accessories and prices into consideration.


We hope that we can help you choose the perfect toothbrush suitable for your individual needs easily. Our rnaking is updated regularly, as we’re always testing the new products.


Below you can find the general ranking of the best sonic/electric toothbrushes, along with juxtaposition of the best models according to their price range (for the people who can’t spend more than a certain amount of money).


Ranking of the products for up to 35 pounds   Ranking of the products within the 34 – 53 pounds price range   Ranking of the products within the 53 – 105 pound sprice range   Ranking of the products avaible for more than 100 pounds

Electric toothbrush ranking


1.Smilesonic PerfectClean

A definite leader on this list. The best sonic toothbrush in terms of production quality and effectivity of its 5 cleaning modes. The set is comfortable and rich in content, containing the handle, two head tips, charger and a hard travelling protective case. Avaible in two great looking color schemes: white and black. All of that for a very reasonable price. (more)


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Final evaluation


2.Seysso Oxygen


Another toothbrush worth recommending, provides 3 cleaning modes, along with adjustable speed. Seysso Oxygen is characterized by its cleaning precision and great design. The set contains the handle, two replaceable heads, a charger and protective case. (more)


Buy SEYSSO Oxygen brush in verified store


Final evaluation




FOREO ISSA™ is an innovative, exceptional sonic toothbrush. Its biggest advantages are its design and capabilities never seen before. The head of the toothbrush is made out of anti-bacterial silicone, while its battery can work for a very long time – we can charge it even only twice a year. Additionally, we get 8 cleaning speed settings and the option to charge the device using the USB cable. (more)


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Final evaluation


4.Philips Sonicare Easy Clean

Easy Clean is one of the best products amongst the Philips Sonicare brand and the sonic toothbrushes avaible on the market in general.  The set is avaible for a shockingly low price, while also offering the biggest advantages of the Sonicare products, such as the high production quallity and brushing effectivity. The toothbrush is sold along with three replaceable heads and a stylish bag. (more)


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Final evaluation

5.MEGASONEX Ultrasonic

A nicely looking electric toothbrush, ensuring solid brushing standards. It offers a variety of cleaning modes, good production quality and a vast selection of accessories. Unfortunately, the price of both the device and its maintenance is very high. (more)


Buy MEGASONEX Ultrasonic brush in verified store

Final evaluation



6.Panasonic EW-DE92-S

Panasonic EW-DE92-SA very functional and practical toothbrush. An universal product, which is also quite popular. A model easy to use and very gentle towards the teeth, with its only disadvantage being a rather average battery. (more)


Buy Panasonic EW-DE92-S brush in verified store


Final evaluation


7.Oral-B PRO 2000

Oral-B PRO 2000A simple, but very functional electric toothbrush. This model offers all of the basic options, being quite effective at removing bacteria and dental plaque. It’s worth mentioning the battery which can last a long time, making this toothbrush a solid choice during the trip. (more)


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Final evaluation


8.Philips Sonicare Clean Care Plus

A Sonicare sonic toothbrush cheaper than most of the dated electric toothbrushes? Yes, as it turns out, it’s possible. Philips have decided to conquer the lowest price range and they’re doing a pretty good job. The set offers legit technology and contains only the most important things, in other words, only the toothbrush and its charger. (more)


Buy Philips Sonicare Clean Care Plus brush in verified store


Final evaluation


9.Oral-B Professional Care Black

Oral-B Professional Care Black 7000The electric toothbrush which provides all of the basic options, but for such price, we should also expect more. Average effectivity and cleaning modes lacking in efficiency a little discourage from the purchase a little bit. (more)


Buy Oral-B Professional Care Black brush in verified store


Final evaluation


10.Panasonic EW-DL82-W

Panasonic EW-DL82-WA classic electric toothbrush which provides us with the basic accessory set and standard cleaning modes. A model recommended for people looking for something simple, yet universal. The biggest advantage of this product is compatibility with the heads for the other toothbrushes of this manufacturer. (more)


Buy Panasonic EW-DL82-W brush in verified store


Final evaluation


11.WhiteWash Rotating Power PRT1000

whitewash prt1000The basic set for electric tooth brushing. This product doesn’t set itself apart from the other toothbrushes, but it does ensure a quite comfortable brushing. The price for a toothbrush offering such standard options and functions should’ve been a little lower, though. (more)


Buy WhiteWash Rotating Power PRT1000 brush in verified store


Final evaluation


12.Oral-B PRO 6000 SmartSeries

Oral-B PRO 6000 SmartSeriesThe standard, multifunctional electric toothbrush offering three cleaning modes and the standard components included in the set. Average efficiency and effectivity don’t fit the relatively high price of this product at all, though. We can easily find better models. (more)


Buy Oral-B PRO 6000 SmartSeries brush in verified store


Final evaluation


Choosing the best tooth cleaning device

According to the dentists, the most important factors dictating how well we can remove dental plaque are the right brushing technique, choosing the most suitable toothpaste, frequency of brushing and the type of toothbrush we’re using. This is where the question regarding which electric toothbrush to buy comes into play. Most of the specialists think that the electric toothbrushes are significantly better than the traditional, manual ones. We should keep in mind that the ordinary, manual brushing is harder and requires us to know different techniques. The electric toothbrush on the other hand does everything for us and allows us to avoid making the simplest mistakes. Buying a solid model should pay off with time – we won’t have to spend much for the dentist visits, while our teeth will become whiter and healthier.

What’s the difference between the oscillating-rotating toothbrush and the vibrating one?

The offer of the most popular dental stores is extremely varied, with the most important thing for most of the customers being the price. The best devices are usually very expensive, with the prices going beyond 130 pounds discouraging most of the potential customers. Purchasing the cheapest models is quite pointless though, as these are very cheaply made and relatively ineffective. A sophisticated electric toothbrush offers comfort while brushing and a very high effectivity.

There are multiple toothbrush types avaible at stores:

Manual toothbrushes – the oldest and simplest toothbrush type, consisting of a handle and head with bristles. Brushing our teeth is done by the correct hand movements.

Electric toothbrushes – a far more advanced type of toothbrush, equipped with a battery powering its head. The electric toothbrush makes high frequency rotating and pulsating movements which allow it to remove the dental plaque and residue. The head tips of these models are usually round in shape, capable of making 8800 movements per minute. The most popular manufacturer of these products is the Oral-B company.

Sonic toothbrushes – it’s currently the best and most advanced toothbrush type. An effective removal of bacteria and stains is provided by ultrasounds this time around. The head tips of these devices are usually elongated, capable of making between 30.000 and 42.000 movements per minute. The leading company in this category is Philips Sonicare.

What should we pay attention to while purchasing?

First, it’s worth taking a look at the size of the toothbrush we want. The toothbrush should be chosen according to the age of its user, that’s why children’s toothbrushes should have a smaller head and shorter handle, compared to the regular models for adults. Another important thing is the bristle hardness, which should be chosen according to the sensitivity of our gums. Soft bristles are recommended for the people with exposed tooth necks, while harder ones should be used by the people in need of more intense brushing. The electric toothbrush is a good choice here because of its multifunctionality.

Another thing to take into consideration is checking the movement frequency of the head. The most frequent variants are the 10.000 – 40.000 pulsating movements per minute or 10.000 oscillating-rotating movements per minute. In this case, we should know that the higher the frequency, the more effective the brushing becomes. A battery durability is important too. Luckily, most of the modern toothbrushes have lithium-ion batteries, the fully charge of which can make them last for a few weeks of regular brushing.

When comparing different electric toothbrushes, we should pay attention to their additional functions and accessories. The newest models have such amenities as battery power display, pressure sensor (prevents us from putting too much pressure on the surface of our teeth), speed settings, different clenaing modes and systems allowing us to control our brushing time. In the most expensive kits we can find some interesting extras such as the travel protective case, irrigators or sanitizers allowing us to disinfect the head tips.

The electric toothbrush is very expensive for many people, but purchasing one pays off fast in the end. Using this device correctly will make it work for many years. One toothbrush can be used by more than one user – as long as every person has their own head tip. We can also adjust the device easily to our personal preferences. We can also choose from many different head types, including the whitening ones, the tips used for massaging our gums and even polishing our teeth.

How do the Philips Sonicare sonic toothbrushes work?

The Philips Sonicare products are amongst the most frequently chosen sonic toothbrushes worldwide. The sonic toothbrushes of this brand are 500 times faster than the regular manual toothbrushes. This allows for a more detailed removal of dental plaque and discolorations. All models utilize the innovative DFA system (Dynamic Fluid Action), which combines the sweeping movements with the sonic ones, which results in 62.000 vibrations per minute. The system is very effective at removing food remains, neautralizing the residue and cleaning dental braces. Philips Sonicare tothbrushes are recommended by the dentists, with most of the mdoels being avaible at all popular stores selling electronics. All of these toothbrushes work the same, but each model has a different amount of cleaning modes and accessories, different selection of head tips and different battery life.

Are Oral-B electric toothbrushes good?

Braun Oral-B is a leading manufacturer of the rotating electric toothbrushes. Amongst the brand’s offers we can also find other products and devices used for cleaning our teeth and taking care of our oral cavity. Oral-B offers dozens of different electric toothbrush models, head types for different tasks and even dental irrigators. The rotating electric toothbrush is far more effective than its manual counterpart. We can find different types of toothbrushes for both the children and adults. The Oral-B electric toothbrushes are avaible in versions powered by either the replaceable AA batteries or a built-in battery, with the sets containing different different accesories, adjustable clenaing speed and head tip types. Before purchasing one, it’s recommended to check and compare all of the most important functions. Each electric toothbrush has its own properties.

Are there any contraindications?

The electric toothbrushes can be used by pretty much everyone. Only a small percentage of people should consult their dentist before buying one. A professional’s advice is required for the people with periodontal diseases or periodontitis. Before using the toothbrush, it’s worth improving the state of our teeth and gums. The mouthwashes and special oral hygiene products will help us greatly in this case. Another contraindication are various surgical procedures in the area of our mouth and gums. After such procedures, the post-surgical toothbrushes are the best choice.

Remember about the basics of good oral hygiene

Using either the sonic or electric toothbrush is a perfect way to remove the dental plaque and protecting our teeth from cavity. We should also remember about the good oral hygiene though. The toothbrushes of this kind allow us to visibly brighten our teeth as well, which makes them a perfect supplement for the specialized products made for tooth whitening.

Replace your manual toothbrush or the head tips of your electric toothbrush every 3 months (sooner, if you’ll notice any damages or signs of wearing out). Visit your dentist every 6 months, in order to remove tartar and residue. Tartar forming might cause periodontitis. The dentists recomend flossing our teeth regularly, twice a day. The dental floss allows us to neutralize the bacteria in interdental surfaces. An interesting solution is a dental irrigator which allows to wash our gums. The electric toothbrush, used in tandem with these products, will ensure the maximum brushing quality.